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A Tale of Two Photos

One night last week was super windy. Sometimes, when that happens, the wind forces the smoke back down our chimney and into the house. It’s gross and it smells and last week it set off the smoke detector while we were sleeping. Fun times. The upshot of the whole situation was that Dale let the fire go out until the storm passed us by. No biggie, we just turned up the heat.

Well. Let me rephrase that and say, no biggie for us. Mason, on the other hand, considered this a very big deal. He went all day and all night without a fire. He was not happy.

mason_1_25 for carole knits

You can see him here, huddled close to the radiator in the kitchen. Note the look of disgust and protest on his furry face. And please note that I took this photo on my way to work so he was forced to go that entire day without a fire as well.

Finally, that night, Dale got the fire going again and Mason was pleased.

mason_1_26 for carole knits

I think it’s safe to say that all is right in his world once again.


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  1. What is a kitty to do when his staff gets out of control and makes wild decisions?! Glad Mason’s world is back on its’ cozy axis.

  2. The picture of Mason huddled against the radiator is so funny! I have a vent in my bathroom that comes out from under the vanity and my cats (4) all huddle there.

  3. Pumpkin has taken to protesting by sitting ON the heating floor vents. 🙁 Thus blocking the heat in that room for the other cat, Stitch.

  4. My animals just adore the fire. The nights we don’t have one – they are huddled on the couch with us trying to keep warm. The fur coats aren’t enough? Love the look on Mason’s face next to the heater!

  5. Poor Mason! I have an electric fireplace in the den and when it’s on, one of my cats will lay right on the floor in front of it. This same cat also lays on the floor vents in the living room and blocks all the heat from coming out for the rest of us.

  6. Mason needs to retrain his minions! This is unacceptable! I guess Mason does not sleep with you? I am certainly glad that things are back as they should be. These photos are hilarious.

  7. Nights with heavy winds are so hard to deal with, but your added complications would make it even more disconcerting. I’m very glad to see that all is right in Mason’s world again.

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