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Is it really Monday already? Boy that weekend went by in a flash. It must be because it was such a good one. Here’s my recap.

friday night snacks for carole knits

Friday night snacks. You know the drill.

mexican train for carole knits

Friday night Mexican Train game. It’s quite addicting, I must say. We played again on Saturday night with Jo-Ann and Shawn.

black hat beer works selfie

And speaking of Jo-Ann and Shawn, we spent the better part of Saturday together and had a blast. We went back to the brewery and sampled more beer. Once again Jo-Ann and I were fans of the stouts while Dale and Shawn liked the hoppier varieties. They also had a saison this week that was delish.

mattress sale

And then we went to our high school cafeteria to check out the mattress sale. Their daughter was there working on behalf of the music program and we had no intention of buying a mattress. And yet – we did. We’ve needed a new one for a while but hadn’t really done much research on it so we figured we’d just test some out. Turns out testing some out was all we needed to do. We quickly realized that neither of us liked the memory foam ones and went with a traditional Beautyrest something-something. All I know is it’s being delivered in a couple of weeks. Shawn, as you can see, was a huge help with this. And, as Jo-Ann said, you know you live in a small town if you’re testing out mattresses in your high school cafeteria on a Saturday afternoon.

We spent the rest of the evening at our house, swapping stories and laughs, eating chicken wings (so good!) and playing Mexican Train. And maybe drinking some more beer. Only maybe, though.

oyster shucking for carole knits

On Sunday, after a morning of puttering and chores, we headed out to get some oysters. When we got home Dale shucked ’em and I prepped our other snacks – some cheese and crackers and shrimp.

oyster dinner for carole knits

It was a great Sunday dinner and a really excellent way to finish up a really excellent weekend.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. It was a busy weekend. All good stuff, but it left us wondering how it could be Monday again so soon?!

  2. I have never heard of a high school mattress fundraiser! It makes me glad that all we had to do was sell gift wrap and popcorn!

  3. The mattress story is too funny…you do live in a small (New England) town! Love all your snack pictures – yum!!

  4. I love the mattresses in the cafeteria! Every time you show it, I intend to learn how to play Mexican Train. Maybe this week!
    My weekend was all about 5 year old birthday parties. Attending one, and making one. Followed by a bookgroup tea party-with no 5 year olds. Not bad for a winter weekend.

  5. I am with Bonny – I am really glad that band and orchestra fund raisers were gift wrap and candy!! Mattress delivery would have been a no go! LOL But, really – your weekend looked awesome! How dare Monday intrude!! XO

  6. Gotta love a small town! (And good friends!) Our weekend…out to dinner, out to breakfast, chores, reading, knitting…all good!

  7. Your weekends are always full of good friends and good food! How nice to be able to enjoy fresh oysters. We just recently bought a new mattress and ended up with one much like yours. Memory foam is overrated!

  8. you know you live in a small town if you’re testing out mattresses in your high school cafeteria on a Saturday afternoon
    God Bless Small Towns!

  9. Quiet weekend for us. Thanks to a bad cold, we stayed close to home and watched the finals of the Australian Open. My guy Rafael Nadal lost!

  10. Mattresses in the high school, how fun. Our high school has gem sales but that is about it. That game looks interesting.

  11. Sounds like you got a lot of joy out of the weekend. It wasn’t until we moved to Dunwoody that I’d heard of a school having a mattress sale as a fund raiser. What a cool idea, unfortunately, we’d just purchased a new set a couple months ago. Happy Monday.

  12. Our school had a mattress sale fundraiser a few years ago (after my kids were done and out) — and Tom and I have never had more hilarity over the concept of a mattress fundraiser. And now . . . we will be able to say that we know someone who actually PURCHASED a mattress as part of a school fundraising event! Who’d a thunk it????

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