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There’s nothing quite like a long weekend for recharging, spending time with the ones you love, and – at this time of year, at least – getting ready for the Oscars.

That’s right, my friends, the Oscars are coming right up and in light of that we saw

Hacksaw Ridge – nominated for Best Picture. I hated every minute of this excellent movie. If you know me at all you know exactly what I mean by that.

A Man Called Ove – nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. It is absolutely wonderful. It stays very true to the book and is just a lovely and moving movie without being sentimental at all.

Fences – also nominated for Best Picture and the last in this category that we hadn’t seen. Adapted from a play, it’s a little long but definitely very good.

Other fun things this weekend included a night of Mexican Train and music with Dale, a night of Thai food and doggies with Sean, a date day with Dale that included a ride in the Mustang and ended with terrific food and cocktails at a local upscale bar, some reading, some knitting, and plenty of relaxing.

And YES, for those of you who want to know – I tackled the closet.

It got worse before it got better.

But in the end there was 1 bag of rubbish and 4 bags for the local thrift shop. And a clean and organized closet.

That new bed, in case you’re wondering?



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  1. What fun! Congrats on the closet cleanout. And, I’m excited to know that A Man Called Ove is a film – I didn’t know that and I loved, loved, loved the book.

  2. I’m so far out of the movie loop that I didn’t even know Ove was now a movie; I’ll have to look for it. Your bed looks lovely, comfortable, and the perfect place for sweet dreams!

  3. I’m one of those who was let down by La La Land. The opening scene was fantastic, and to me, it went down form there. Two hours of a downhill run. I’m an Ove fan having audiobooked it while walking in preparation for this past year’s Camino.

    I’m hoping after our major reno is finished we have enough for a new bed amongst other items from the furniture department.

  4. What a great weekend!! OMG, I know just what you mean about Hacksaw Ridge! I’m looking forward to finishing my Best Picture card this weekend.

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