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So. A bunch of that stuff I thought I’d do this weekend? I bailed. Saturday was COLD and WINDY and I said to Dale, let’s skip the floor shopping and the brewery and let’s stay home BY THE FIRE. And that’s what we did.

Other parts of the weekend, though? Proceeded as planned.

There were Friday Night Snacks. Followed by Mexican Train.

Saturday turned out to be a lot of at home time, as I said above. There was knitting and reading and napping. And snacking, of course. And lots of catching up on Homeland. It was actually a very lovely day, perfect for embracing the hygge.

On Sunday Hannah and I headed out for a Bridal Shower Brunch for my cousin Len’s daughter Megan. She has longed called me Auntie Carole (which I love) and we had a wonderful time showering her with love and prezzies and well wishes for a long and happy life with her Jim.

I was home by mid-afternoon and Dale and I decided to get out of the house and have some adventures. We headed to Plymouth where we saw big waves.

And then to Flynn’s where we drank lots of beer. And ate yummy things like burgers and corned beef egg rolls.

It was the perfect way to wind down and end a terrific Sunday.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Staying home by the fire is sooo much better than floor shopping, and you still managed to fit beer into the weekend even if you skipped the brewery. Way to Weekend!

  2. Much like yours. A trip to our local dump proved that it was much too icy and windy for outdoor activities. Better to be indoors, cooking from the larder, and taking a respite from the news!

  3. Sounds perfect. It was wicked cold and windy in Eastern PA as well…don’t think I set a foot outside until Sunday a.m. when we went out to breakfast (and it was still cold). But…the sun was shining and that is a plus.

  4. I had a totally lazy weekend. Not what I had planned at all, but I think I really needed it. Y’know?

  5. i hit WEBS with a friend on Saturday after a nice cozy fish dinner at home w/ the hubs on Friday…. a trip to WEBS includes a trip to Northampton Brewery, naturally, then home to snuggle up and watch Dr. Strange… sleepy Sunday with a trip to Barnes & Noble after a crap lunch at UNO (Never again). All in all- not shabby. BUT- the cold air killed these lungs… i’m paying for it today.

  6. I finally managed to make myself a decent Manhattan at home! (Yay!) Hit the farmers market and bought some yarn. Also dove into braised short ribs and Sunday gravy. Decided that was a lot of work and homemade meatballs would have been easier and just as delicious! Glad you had a nice weekend too!

  7. Perfect mix of weekend activities! We had dinner with Cheryl and L Saturday night (impromptu plans are the best!) and I had a day of hygge while Smith worked on Sunday. Life is good!

  8. This was a stay-at-home weekend for me as well….because my stitching group was hosted by me! We had yummy jalapeño poppers and burritos smothered in green chili. No ocean viewing–darn!

  9. We stayed home all weekend as I was not feeling well. I love a weekend home everyone once in awhile.

  10. Your weekend sounds wonderful! Staying home is always my favorite thing to do, but that’s especially so when the weather is cold or wet. btw – I’m really intrigued about the Lipsense and keep meaning to ask you for the info so I can order some – thank you!

  11. The American Spirit Whiskey distillery was awesome-so much fun and good company. The Atlanta United MLS game was insane-so different than a football game. Glad you got so much joy at out of the weekend.

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