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You know. Daylight Savings Time. Why don’t we do that on, say, a Wednesday afternoon? Because I would much rather lose an hour of work on a Wednesday than an hour of play on my weekend. Can we all just agree on that?


So, my weekend was great despite losing out on that one hour.

We did our usual Friday Night Thing.

On Saturday we celebrated Jo-Ann’s birthday with a great big brewery tour. It was so much fun!

We started at Bog Iron Brewery, which, I must say, is right down the street from where I went to college. I guess it’s good that it wasn’t there 30 years ago.

From there we headed to Trillium, my favorite of all the spots we visited. It was super crowded, partly because they had a private party going on in part of the tap room, but the beer was the bomb. So so good.

Our final stop was Shovel Town, a brand new brewery, with good beer and great pizza.

We ended the evening back at our house, playing Mexican train, drinking (a bit) more beer, and snacking and laughing. I’m pretty sure Jo-Ann had a great birthday and we certainly enjoyed celebrating it with her.

Sunday morning started late but with great local eggs from friends. And then there was shopping for flooring (we made our purchase! finally!) and some hanging out and eating out and winding down as we prepared for the week (and possibly snowstorm) to come.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Ahhhh, the beer looks so good. Yep, bracing for a foot of snow or so…what a fun month March is! But, hoping for a day off tomorrow due to snow and tomorrow is Pi Day, so I may just have to bake a pie. Silver linings and all that.

  2. Our seaside town is gearing up for a blizzard, fishermen checking their moorings, DPW checking the storm drains, the townsfolk stocking the fridge with milk, eggs and bread. A March storm isn’t that much of a surprise, though. There often is a St. Paddy’s Day blizzard–but let’s hope it’s the last one this year!

  3. It looks like loads of fun being had! I grocery shopped on Saturday before things got too crazy, but I can’t believe I forgot a stop at the liquor store as part of my storm preparations. Thank you for the timely reminder!

  4. I think Trillium is amazing — I LOVE their beer. Lino really wants to check out the brewery in Norton — one of these days!

  5. I totally agree with turning the clocks back during the week. I like my weekends! What a fun way to celebrate Jo-Ann’s B-Day!

  6. It’s so warm here, I hate to tell you. Even if the time change was Friday afternoon (lose an hour of work!?-YAY, man!) it would make more sense. I’m feeling it today and I love DST! Hope you see our 70s soon!

  7. what fun! I hope the weather forecasts are as “accurate as always” and we’ll all be riding around with tops down/open by the weekend. I’ve had a surprisingly OK entry into DST this year – of course I might crash at any moment, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts … coffee helps!

  8. Always nice when good food and friends are a big part of the weekend. Took care of the de-clutter errands: consignment shop, Goodwill, storage unit, etc. So nice to get the closet chore done! Watched Atlanta United play in the snow-so hilarious and I might be hooked!

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