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A Month of Photos: February 2017

Can I say how glad I am to have a topic for today’s blog post? Okay, I’ll say it. I’m glad. Let’s look at the photos I took in February.

Flowers made a big comeback in February, appearing 7 times. Food, as always, tops the list with 11 shots and there are only 2 photos with people. I’ll make an effort to do better with people photos this month. Rounding out the subjects: spinning, knitting, home decor and games.

It was a great month from the first photo to the last!

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  1. March could offer opportunities for two-fer photos – flowers and people, food and people … I especially like the Feb. one of cream puffs and tulips.

  2. I always love seeing your monthly photo spread! February was full of fun for you — and full of YUM! XO

  3. I would know February without you even having to say … LOVE how the love shines through in your collage!

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