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After our fast paced vacation and a full work week, a weekend at home was just what we needed. And it’s just what we got!

Friday was quite warm and we were able to have our snacks on the deck. It stayed warm enough for us to enjoy the entire night out there, in fact.

I got some new shoes to get me through this awkward time of year when it’s too late in the season for boots but still too early for flip flops. Pictures of what was in the boxes to follow at some point.

Saturday was also warm and we were able to take the Mustang out for a ride when we ran errands. One of those errands involved choosing paint chips for the kitchen which is exciting but also confusing.

We got home just in time for cocktails on the deck again. I did my take on the pimento cheese toast from Husk and it was pretty close to what we had. I sliced and toasted a baguette, spread homemade pimento cheese on top and then added a bit of crisp ham and chopped dill pickles. It was so good I made a second batch and that was our dinner.

Jo-Ann joined us for the evening and we played Mexican Train and had a great night.

The weather changed for Sunday and it was chilly. Dale mowed the lawn while I took care of fun things like bills and staring at paint chips. Sean came over and surprised us with a pan of Northern style cornbread to, as he said, “welcome us home by taking us back.” It was delicious and as close to what we had at Husk as I think you could get.

We wound down the afternoon with a snack tray and cocktails, Call the Midwife and Grace & Frankie.

It was a perfect weekend at home. How was your weekend?

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  1. Quiet, quiet, quiet. Geared up to start the veggie garden, but the weather says “not yet.”

  2. My weekend was much like that, too – but without the shoes. Much cooler than I’d like . . . and a whole lot wetter. But I got some good time in the garden – and then out for beer and dinner. So. Good all around. (And that cornbread looks divine!!!)

  3. Our weekend tended to involve repeating the phrase, “It’s still snowing!?”. That gave me time to search the web & then my library for the book written by the chef at Husk. Pimento cheese toasts shall be mine this week! I blame your photo tour of that meal.

  4. A fellow at church told of a woman who returned paint because it wasn’t the color she asked for. He hadn’t sold it himself, so he asked her what her kitchen lighting was. When she told him, it turned out to be much different from that at the paint department. He made a sample stick of her paint and took it to the lighting department, where she could see why her paint had “changed”. Since she had already painted a bit in her kitchen, she opted to change the light type. Now he always inquires about the lighting before selling paint!

    I’ve told this tale just in case…hope you have exactly what you wished for!

  5. I know those pimento toasts must have been delicious! We got some new deck furniture and spent a fair amount of time sitting around on that. You’d think I’d have read or knit something but nope. Cocktails with the neighbor? Yup! 🙂

  6. We spent a lot of time watching the snow fall this weekend! It’s very confusing to know what to wear–the winter garb just doesn’t work–especially the shoes! But, the spring stuff doesn’t quite work either. What’s a girl to do?

  7. Intriguing boxes from Zappos, pimento cheese toast, and cornbread delivered by a nice neighbor make for a very nice weekend!

  8. I’m looking forward to a version of YOUR weekend NEXT weekend. Love how you’re re-creating the food from your trip … it is a fun way to bring good memories home with you!

  9. Ooh, that all sounds so perfect (except for the cooler weather on Sunday). Our weather has been CRAP, and so much rain. I want sunshine and 70F!! I had a crazy-busy weekend, and celebrated the end of madness by settling in with knitting and recorded stuff on Tivo yesterday afternoon.

  10. I just had my own Zappos delivery and I’m thrilled with my new soles. I hope you love yours, too!! It was chilly, gray and winter just wanted to wring out the last bit of warmth, but the rest of the week looks marvelous and the end of this winter to spring weather could be coming! yay!

  11. A lot of fun at the Atlanta United game even though we lost (and again today 🙁 ). Nice to have nothing on the calendar.

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