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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic for May 4, 2017 is to write a post about Star Wars because, after all, it’s May The Fourth! Do you love Star Wars? Hate Star Wars? Have you seen them all or none? What are your Star Wars stories? Share them on your blog this week!

Kat and I had a different plan for this week’s topic. Well, not really different but in line with what we’ve been doing on the first Thursday of every month – a welcome to the month ahead. But then when I went to write the email to go out to everyone I saw that this Thursday is May the Fourth and I couldn’t resist suggesting that we have a Star Wars theme. Kat readily agreed and off went the email.

It was only after I sent it that I thought, wait. What? What did I suggest? Because, when it comes to Star Wars, I’m rather . . . indifferent. Of course I saw the original three films, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Jedi back in the day. But since then? Not one. I’m not a big fan of science fiction and it annoyed me when they decided to make a series of prequels so that they could extend the story and then I just sort of lost track of the whole thing. As in, I know there are a bunch of films but I have no idea what they are called or what the time frame of them is or how they fit in with the original trilogy. And I’m fine with that. I don’t feel like I’m missing out, I don’t want to be recruited by a Star Wars fanatic (I have friends and they have tried and it’s futile) and I sure as hell don’t want to go see a movie at midnight on the night it is released. This is not to say that those of you who love Stars Wars – and some of you are members of my family – shouldn’t love it and revel in every minute detail of the story – it’s just to say that it’s not for me.

That said, the fact that there was an album released this week called Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans and the fact that the album is in fact the entire Beatle’s Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band music but now telling the story of Star Wars: A New Hope is very very cool. Seriously. I listened to the whole thing and it cracked me up.

What’s your Star Wars story? Whatever it is, May the Fourth be with you.

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  1. I’m so not a Star Wars fan that someone had to explain this whole May 4th thing to me 😉 I never saw any of the movies in the theater, and I’m still not sure I’ve actually seen even those first three start to finish. (needless to say, I think I’ll be writing about something else today!)

  2. I saw the first three movies when they were released. They were great when seen in a theater as a teen. After that I just lost interest, and haven’t gone looking for that enthusiasm either. It’s a movie, people.

  3. What? There are people who don’t know May the Forth? How is this possible??? LOL

    Well, I am a die hard Star Wars, stand in line for days to get a ticket, bought my kids (and me) lightsabers for the most epic battles ever, fan. I might even be a super fan! LOL

    And, I LOVED the video! Hahahahaha!

  4. “Of course I saw the original three films …” except I never did. So May the Fourth Be With You; I just have no clue what it’s all about. I’m better at Cinco de Mayo since I know I like margaritas!

  5. Well. I have seen ALL the Star Wars movies. But I wouldn’t consider myself a “fan.” The original Star Wars came out as I was graduating from high school, and let me tell you . . . it was THE hot-date-ticket that summer! 🙂

  6. Count me in as one of the non-fans, too.Tho’ I saw the first movie and know the music, I’m with you, just never rocked my boat…and as Mary said: my post today will also be on a different topic, tho’ as I write this, I have no idea what that’ll be…

  7. I was going to do a post and even went looking for Star Wars Lego upstairs in the box of a million pieces…but now I want to write “What Carole Said!” Exactly!

  8. My little sis was the Star Wars fanatic in our family, and I remember standing in line — a VERY LONG LINE — at the theater with her to see it (the first of many, many times)!

  9. My brother, who was then 17, took me to see Star Wars (it was his 5th or 6th time) and I can’t help but think of him and how excited he was to see my reaction to the opening scene. It blew me away. The difference between my generation and yours is that May 4th is the anniversary of Kent State (something most people know nothing about).

  10. I recall walking to the cinema to see the movie–it was dark out, about a mile away, and my sisters, cousin and I were so excited after seeing it!

  11. My anniversary is May 4th, and no one talked about Star Wars Day 26 years ago. I finally saw the original Star Wars on VHS cause my boys enjoyed it. I watched the others only because they enjoyed it so much. I’ve seen all but Rogue One. I can take them or leave them. They’re not as fun to watch without PJ.

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