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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic is to write a post describing your ideal day.


That sounds easy, doesn’t it? An ideal day. Oh yes. What a lovely thing to ponder.

But then I started writing this post in my head, as I always do, and I thought, uh oh.

Uh oh because . . . is my ideal deal and ideal typical day? or an ideal vacation day? an ideal day at work? or an ideal holiday? Oh, bother, this is way more complicated than I thought it would be.

Here’s what I decided: my ideal day needs to be attainable on a regular basis because I’d like my ideal day to be something that, you know, can actually happen. That rules out vacation days and holidays and all of those other anomalies. So, here is a description of my ideal day.

It’s a week day. Dale is working. I am not. It’s a beautiful sunshine-y day so I get up early and I check things like email and blogs and Facebook. I shower and dress, have a dropped egg on toast and then I meditate and write in my journal, perhaps including some art work. I go for a walk. I come home and have another cup of coffee out on the deck. I read for as long as I want. I come in the house and I take a nap. I knit something beautiful and challenging and engrossing but not frustrating. I read some more. Dale comes home and we have cocktails and snacks together on the deck. We listen to music and we talk about our day and our week, our hopes and our dreams, our kids and our jobs and our town and everything else that comes to mind. At some point we dance. And we go to bed together and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

That’s it. That’s my ideal day. Nothing fancy, nothing extraordinary, but just a perfectly peaceful day at home. What more could I possibly want?

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  1. You’ve described it perfectly – “just a perfectly peaceful day at home”. Here’s hoping that you have plenty of days like that!

  2. I suspect my ideal day would include the House Fairies doing all the chores while I’m out for my walk. That way, I can quilt or putter in the kitchen with new recipes without feeling guilty.

  3. Wait… ideal? I thought it was perfect? LOL I call a foul here! (And, your ideal day sounds lovely!) One question – dropped egg? That is a new one!

  4. An ideal kind of day, for sure! (And this was WAY more complicated than it first appeared.) XO

  5. Sounds perfect to me especially the nap. I just love a good nap in the afternoon.

  6. I agree, what’s a dropped egg? Is that a poached egg? You have just described what I think of as the “magic of ordinary days”. I would take credit for that phrase, but I can’t, it’s the name of a novel I read that was quite good, and Hallmark did the movie. I use that phrase a lot.

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