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The major event of our weekend was Patrick’s graduation and the party that followed. BUT. You know that I don’t actually have photos ready of that, right? I will share some of the other highlights of the weekend with you today, though.

I picked the first basil of the season on Friday afternoon. I have to tell you that it smelled heavenly.

Friday night snacks. I have to laugh because I bump into people everywhere – the grocery store, on a photo shoot, at the library – who tell me how much they love our Friday night snack tradition and how great the food always looks. I agree that our weekly snack night at the end of the work week is terrific but the food? It’s mostly just cheese and crackers, people. Anyone can pull off cheese and crackers.

I made a flat bread pizza with local mozzarella, oven roasted tomatoes (thanks to Sean for talking me through that one) and our own basil. It was delicious!

I had a sweet one year old photo shoot on Saturday and spent the rest of the day in full blown party prep. Four dozen deviled eggs and fifteen pounds of potato salad. Not hard but time consuming. Dale did a lot of yard work to get things looking spiffy and by evening we were in good shape and had some time to relax.

That meant Mexican Train, of course. So fun, especially when I kick Dale’s ass.

Sunday was graduation and party day. As I said, there will be more party photos in the days to come but for now I can tell you that we had sangria.

And really fabulous chicken wings. Recipe link here.

And lots and lots of joy.

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  1. I think your Friday night snacks elicit envy for two reasons. You have a lovely ritual that is a marker for “It’s the weekend!”, and you take the time to make the food look appealing. I think people underestimate the value of small rituals.

  2. I love the joy in Patrick’s face! (School’s out FOREVER!) What a great weekend, Carole — and perfect party food. Mmmmm. 🙂

  3. Your weekend menu looks SO GOOD (and even better that I can eat it all)! Our basil isn’t big enough to harvest. Somethings got off to a slow start due to the freeze we had a few of weeks ago.

  4. Wow that first basil harvest looks amazing! and SO MUCH JOY for Patrick and all of his accomplishments. Congratulations!!

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