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Think Write Thursday

The Think Write Thursday topic this week is to write about what you thought you were going to be when you grew up and how that compares to what you actually are.

Well.  For my personal life, I thought I’d be a wife and a mother and I am. I have a funny story that goes back to my childhood and this seems like an appropriate time to share it. I always said, when anyone asked, that I was going to grow up and marry a Swede and have four children. And then I married Hannah’s dad, who is German and English and I thought, well, so much for that childhood prediction. Fast forward 8 years and I was divorced and marrying a Swede with three children. Add Hannah to that mix and wa-la, I wound up married to a Swede and I have four children. Maybe it didn’t happen the way I thought it would when I was 8 but it still happened. Ha!

For my professional life, when I was really little I thought I’d be a teacher. And then I decided I wanted to be a librarian. I went through a phase in junior high school where I wanted to be a lawyer. And I briefly considered being a social worker when I was in high school. But despite all of those considerations I always came back to wanting to be a librarian. When I truly contemplate all of the things I do as a library director and council on aging director, I kind of am also a social worker. And there are even things I do that are vaguely lawyerly. I guess that’s just an elaborate way to say that I managed to work in all of my career interests even though I narrowed things down to being a librarian. And I wouldn’t change a bit of it.

How about you? What did you think you were going to be when you grew up? If you wrote a post for today please share it below! If you want to subscribe to the Think Write Thursday weekly email (it’s the only way to get the weekly prompt) please click here.

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  1. I love how your predictions, dreams, and goals came true! My sister wanted to be Lassie when she grew up, but she hasn’t been nearly as successful at you have at making that happen.

  2. Bonny’s comment and sipping coffee are not a great combination! LOL

    And, I cannot imagine you being anything but a librarian… I think it is the most amazing fit! XO

  3. I am sure you are a top notch librarian and council on aging guru. My Mom encouraged me to be a librarian and I was a 22 year old dimwit. I would have loved it.

  4. I wanted to be an astronaut. But then I found out you had to be good at math and physics, too. So. Moving on. I love your story. Sometimes life turns out just the way it’s supposed to! XO

  5. Oh I love how it all worked out just as you dreamed it would! This was a fun topic to write … and great to read – I feel like I know you better!

  6. I read this yesterday but just looked at the picture of your wedding again and I just love how everyone is looking at the camera except Dale who is looking at you! Easy to see how crazy he is about you. Nice!

  7. I love love love this!!!

    I also wanted to be a lawyer in middle school and went into education. ?

  8. I never really had any plans growing up nor did I have parents who encouraged personal growth and ambition. Sometimes I really resent that, but I did manage to go to college in my late 20s and it was the best thing I could have done. I tried to be the encourager to my kids when they were little-we’ll see what career path Andrew takes-almost has a graduate degree in economics in hand so it shouldn’t be too much longer!

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