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Monday morning? Already? I guess that means it’s time to look back at the weekend that was.

Friday was raining and not a day suitable for outdoor activities so we headed to Dick Blick in Providence. I needed some art supplies for a new online drawing course I am taking and oooh boy, going to that store was awesome. We combined that shopping trip with an excursion to Swan Point Cemetery. Dale has been wanting to go there for ages to see a couple of Civil War graves. I was just there for the turkeys. Heh.

We headed back our way and met up with my cousin Len and my cousin Lynn for dinner. Lynn had been traveling up this way for work and I haven’t seen her in probably 45ish years. It was so awesome to catch up and get to know each other again. I’m grateful to Len for pulling this together and expanding my family circle yet again.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day. We started it with fabulous blueberry scones with lemon glaze that were delivered by Sean. And then Dale worked on some projects around here while I read and puttered around. The humidity was up a bit so I spent much of the afternoon inside.

We did some grocery shopping and stopped at a favorite farm stand for our first local corn of the season. We attempted an evening on the deck but were thwarted by showers so we came inside, enjoyed corn for dinner, music, Mexican train, and dancing in the kitchen.

Sunday was another gorgeous day and the humidity was way down so we were outside much more. Breakfast on the deck, a little more reading, and then we headed out for a drive in the Mustang. I told Dale I wanted to see water and he said, well then, we’ll just head East and we’ll hit it eventually.

We got home just in time for cocktail hour! Caprese with local mozzarella and tomatoes and our own basil was perfect. Dale’s dad wandered over with his friend Bill and joined us for a bit.

The evening ended with pizza on the picnic table with Dale’s dad, Jack and our friends Bill and his dad, Charlie. It was impromptu and fun and a great way to enjoy the close of the weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I love the turkeys in the cemetery, and the food! A blueberry scone would go perfectly with my morning tea!

  2. “I was just there for the turkeys.” This sounds like either a great opening line in a novel, or a terrible legal defense strategy. We await plot developments. Sadly, not with one of those spectacular looking scones in hand.

  3. where do you get your pizza? We forgot and planned our sushi order only to remember they closed for the week.

  4. I agree with Patty! “I was just there for the turkeys” would be a great first novel line! Hahahaha! Fantastic photo! Your weekend looked amazing, mine was filled with oodles of knitting and some garden work too!

  5. Those turkeys crack me up! i looks like you had a great weekend and some delicious scones! We have a scone maker at our Farmer’s Market and this week I tried the blueberry/lemon and enjoyed every bite!

  6. oh man, I can definitely say your weekend TASTED a lot better than mine did! and oooh, a trip to Dick Black sounds like fun – look forward to hearing more about that online class, too!

  7. Love the turkeys at the cemetery! And those scones…and the corn (must try Old Bay on mine next time) – looks like a wonderful weekend Carole. And now I want pizza for lunch. Somehow the raw veggies I brought and the little bit of cheese and crackers just didn’t do it!

  8. Despite the rain sounds like a lovely weekend full of fun miscellaneous goodness. I watch The Tour while power knitting through Stillwater. I don’t even remember what I ate!

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