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Sometimes I take lots of photos on the weekend just so that I can show them to you. This weekend was one of those and I’ve got a pretty good photo recap of our activity.

Mason hung out in this box pretty much all weekend long. I don’t know if he thought he’d be the first kitty on the moon since he was in a space ship or if he just liked the enclosed space.

We had our usual Friday night snacks but if it looks like there is more food than usual it’s because we had help eating it since Jo-Ann and Shawn came over. We had a fun night playing Mexican Train and catching up since we don’t see them as much in the summer because there’s no Kiwanis and because they go to their lake house pretty much every weekend.

On Saturday we attended a birthday party for our awesome friend Katy. That was the real reason Jo-Ann and Shawn stayed home and we had a wonderful time celebrating Katy, drinking local beer, playing lawn games, listening to music and just hanging out.

Katy and her husband have a perfect spot for parties; their barn is relaxed and casual and utterly charming. I’m currently negotiating with them for a future party we are throwing!

We ended the evening with a campfire and s’mores. Nothing better on a summer night.

Sunday was a lazy day of hanging around, catching up on some stuff, and enjoying the outdoors. We recently got this cantilevered umbrella and can finally be on the deck during the day without baking in the hot sun. Hooray!

We ended the weekend with food and drink, nothing new about that.

And local corn. Because summer.

How was your weekend?

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  1. The perfect summer weekend! It has been a bit too warm for a bonfire here – kind of hard to want to light a fire with temps still in the 80’s as until 10 pm. But, I love your new umbrella!

  2. You certainly put together a perfect summer weekend. I have a feeling you’re going to hear that refrain throughout the comments today. Love the new patio addition. I see why you say it adds a room to your house! Lovely.

  3. Your new umbrella makes your already great deck practically perfect! I’m envious that you’ve got local sweet corn. We won’t have any here for at least another couple of weeks. It looks delicious!

  4. Another great one in the books. And did I spy the remnants of Charleston in the form of pimento cheese?

  5. You know how to rock a weekend. I’m trying to understand how the new patio addition is different from the standard umbrella (not that I don’t take your word for it lol). Corn is the best this time of year and you reminded me–it’s time to go to the farm stand–a bit of a drive but well worth it!,

  6. looks wonderful and delicious (as always!) … I just told Marc we needed to have Friday night snacks this weekend and I was happy to hear him say “ok” 🙂 stay tuned ….

  7. That barn looks like a very fun place to have a party. I love weekends that “seem” busy, but aren’t cause you’re having fun at the same time!

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