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On A Thursday Night

For 10 months of the year Thursday night is Kiwanis night. In the summer, though, Thursday night is free and easy and just for us. In fact, in the summer, Thursday is the new Friday. This past Thursday night was a perfectly lovely one and I snapped a few photos of it to share with you all.

It started with these pretty pretty zinnias in a mason jar. I got them at the farm-stand when I stopped to pick up fresh picked corn for dinner.

It progressed to cocktails and caprese salad on the deck. It was a beautiful evening, warm but not humid, with a slight breeze to help keep the mosquitoes away. We enjoyed some music (I’m loving Spotify, thanks to Vicki’s help) and each other’s company. After the long days and nights at the hospital with Jack we’ve appreciated even more our time on the deck.

And no one is happier when we are home than Mason. He got to come out and sit with us for a bit and he’s quite content, as you can say.

Finally, there was dinner. The perfect summer dinner, really. Hot, freshly steamed local corn. Nothing else is necessary when you’ve got corn this sweet and delicious.

We spent the remainder of the evening at our kitchen table, discussing the news of the day, our feelings on Confederate statues and monuments, race relations, Jack’s improving health and more. We danced and drank wine and had an all around perfect evening.

It was the perfect summer night.

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  1. It sounds lovely, and was probably perfected by those worrisome days that came before. Mason looks like he is pretty darn happy to have his more relaxed people back.

  2. It’s good to know that we are not the only ones who think corn on the cob is a perfectly suitable main course all by itself!

  3. Fresh summer farm-stand corn just screams summer! Yum! Perfect summer evening — whatever the day of the week. XO

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