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Long Weekending

It’s Tuesday but it’s the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend and that sure makes it seem like Monday to me. I’m heading back to work after an awesome two weeks off and the end of those two weeks was pretty great.

On Friday I visited Jack. Dale had been going every day but I hadn’t seen him since he was moved out of the hospital and into a rehab facility. The change was remarkable and I was so happy to find him acting much more like his old self. It’s been quite a road he’s been on and he’s still recovering but considering how things were a few weeks ago I’d say his progress is nothing short of miraculous.

After Dale got out of work on Friday we headed to the Cape to spend the weekend with Doreen and Mark. It’s always wonderful to be with them and this weekend was no exception. We started things off with Friday Night Snacks on their deck. It was a relaxing way to wind down and ease into the long weekend.

Saturday was sunny but cool so we scrapped our plans to hit the  beach and instead bummed around the house and eventually Doreen and I headed to Eden Hand Arts for one last shopping trip before they closed for the season. I couldn’t resist adding that bottom bracelet. It’s called the Sun and the Moon and it’s a perfect reminder of our lunar eclipse from two weeks ago.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading (and napping) on their deck and then enjoyed some fabulous caprese salad and some wine, a delicious dinner of grilled steak tips and local corn

And peach pie for dessert! Peach pie isn’t one of my favorites but when the local peaches are ripe it’s hard to resist picking some up and baking a pie.

Sunday was rainy and windy. We shopped some of the local stores, picking up some pottery and kitchen items. We read in the afternoon and ate delicious quahog chowder and we spent the better part of the evening playing Mexican Train.

Dale and I headed home around lunch time on Monday. We took the back roads and meandered our way off Cape and, luckily hit no traffic at all! After unpacking and taking care of a few things we hit the deck for snacks and cocktails.

And oysters for dinner!

It was the perfect way to finish up not just my vacation but also the last long weekend of the summer. It’s a bittersweet time for me as I love summer but I’m learning to embrace it all – even that slight nip in the air that’s suddenly here.

How was your weekend?

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  1. No bad traffic really does extend that weekend feeling, doesn’t it? Ours was a lazy weekend. Just what we needed. Glad Jack continues to improve.

  2. It was an unusually cool weekend here and the rain moved in last night and looks like it is staying for a bit! I am so happy to see that photo of you and Jack – that photo is sunshine for a million rainy days! XO

  3. I’m so happy that Jack is recovering and improving! Your relaxation sounds wonderful and the food looks delicious! Let me know any time that ripe peaches compel you to bake a pie; I’d be delighted to help eat it!

  4. Yay Jack! Here’s to a return home very soon. And your weekend looks just perfect! Ours was pretty good to and also included a peach pie! (Which I was happy to finish for breakfast yesterday!)

  5. So glad to hear that Jack is doing better. Somehow it adds a glow to all the rest of the weekend! I’m a little jealous of the nip in the air since it feels like deep summer here. Oh well, soon we’ll be complaining about the cold. In the meantime, I have a half bushel of peaces that need attention.

  6. Great picture of you and Jack – so glad to hear he is mending well. Love your new bracelet – so pretty (love the fish one as well!!).

  7. So glad to hear (and see) that Jack is going well.
    Bring on September’s cooler weather. I am ready for fall.

  8. Sounds like a lovely long weekend-I hope Jack knows that “we” are all still wishing him well on his recovery. Fall certainly feels like it’s here-unfortunately I think it is pretty much because of the hurricanes.

  9. I’m so sorry to see summer go! It’s still hot and sunny (smokey!) and summer could last through September! I’m hoping so! Your weekend looks lovely and so full of deviously good things. Love ALL your bracelets.

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