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Weekending: The One About the Baby Shower

On Saturday afternoon Hannah and I had a baby shower for Jessica. We held it at Sean and Michael’s house because their yard is beautiful and their house is big and I was concerned about having it at my house if the weather wasn’t great. I mean, I can have parties with 20 or 30 people or so in my house but they can’t all be in the same room at once and for a baby shower that’s kind of key. It turned out to be a glorious day and I was thrilled with my decision to ask Sean to host.

Our theme was a Baby Fiesta and, as I may have said before, just give me a theme and I can throw a party! There were margaritas to drink, along with beer and wine and cucumber water. The beautiful zinnia arrangements were courtesy of my sister-in-law, Mary, and they went perfectly with our colors of the day!

Dale set up the yard and decorations. We used blankets and tablecloths we have bought over the years in Mexico and everything was festive and bright.

For favors I bought mini succulents and decorated them with cupcake toppers with Mexican graphics on them like tacos and sombreros. So adorable!

Hannah was in charge of the games and she did a great job with bingo and guessing games and more. I think her school teacher skills really came into play for this!

Of course, what’s a fiesta without food? Jo-Ann helped me make these mini 7 layer dip cups and they were a big hit. It’s a lot of dip for one person, though, and I think if I do them again I will use smaller cups!

We also had buffalo chicken roll ups that Doreen made for me, a delicious grilled corn and pasta salad, grilled shrimp cooked to perfection by Sean, and deviled eggs and meatballs.

And the cutest fruit salad ever made by Jessica’s dearest girlfriends!

Jessica received some beautiful gifts, including this quilt made by my friend Lois. There was also a hand knit baby blanket from me – more on that later this week. And so much more – blankets and bedding and clothing and diapers. I think this little guy is all set now!

And the cake! Oh, that cake! It was big and beautiful and the colors were awesome. My friend Caroline outdid herself again.

As you can see, Jessica loved our theme! Seriously, I don’t know anyone who loves tacos more than this girl so throwing a fiesta was truly a perfect choice.

After gifts and cake we all took turns posing for photos with Jess and her baby bump. I can’t wait to meet this little baby boy, I can tell you that.

This group, right here, gets me all verklempt. They are Jessica’s friends since childhood and they still get together regularly and love and support each other so much. I was so happy that they could all be together with us on Saturday. They are Jessica’s posse for sure and she’s lucky to have them in her life.

And, finally, my girls together. The best of friends and sisters, they light up my whole world.

It was a wonderful afternoon and I had so much help. I’m grateful to everyone who came, everyone who pitched in, everyone who I know will be there to welcome and love our new little grandson!

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  1. That fruit salad kind of steals the show! Looks like that baby should feel well & truly welcome in the world. How great for a new mom to have so much love & support around her.

  2. What a wonderful gathering and it all shows how much this baby is loved already; Jessica and your family are indeed blessed. I’m hungry just seeing all that great food and cake, but that happens often after reading your weekending posts. 🙂

  3. Oh, Carole! What a perfect party . . . I’m sure Jessica felt showered with love and support. Y’all outdid yourselves again. 🙂

  4. The best gift is this baby has a village of people to love and support him. The party shows how much love, joy, and care your family and friend have for each other. Plus, everyone knows how to have a great time!! He will be a very happy and fortunate baby!!

  5. Oh, how wonderful! Bridal showers & baby showers are the best parties — everyone is always so happy and hopeful! I hear you, sister, about a party theme! It turned out great!

  6. Showers are so much fun – especially when good friends, who are family, get to share their love (and tacos and margaritas FTW!) Jessica’s baby bump is adorable – how long til she’s due?

  7. Looks like a great time was had by all, and this baby will be loved and cherished. What a cool idea to put the layered dip in individual cups-genius!

  8. This is a perfect baby shower! I don’t know that it takes a village to raise a child and have a great party, but you have one, and you are blessed. This is one of the most original themes for a baby shower I have ever seen, Carole. What a fantastic idea, and the execution was detailed and impressive. Congratulations on a really fabulous party. And you were worried! I knew you would pull it off.

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