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A Month of Photos: August 2017

I love that moment at the beginning of the month when I share last month’s photos. It’s an easy post to write and it’s also a great look back on the last little while.

It’s always nice to look back on vacation photos, too! And people – 8 times this month! And flowers and food and cocktails. A meet up with Kathy and some lovely peaches and the beach! August was a great month, indeed.

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  1. I probably say this every month after looking at your month of photos, but August really is one of the best so far. All those lovely tomatoes and I’m always happy to see fish bracelets. Enjoy September!

  2. All those smiling faces, and it seems that there was a lot to smile about in August. I hope Jack continues to improve, and that September continues to brings smiles to you. Have a great September, Carole!

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