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Happy Monday! I know, Happy Monday sounds like an unusual pairing of words but, really it’s unfair that so much unhappiness is heaped on Monday. If you spend your time wisely and you have a job you enjoy then it can be easier to look at Monday as the fresh start of a new week. It’s also easier when you have happy memories of the weekend that was – and I do.

On Thursday night I had my first babysitting gig. Jess and Eryk wanted to take Patrick out for his birthday – he turned 19!! on Friday – and, while they discussed bringing Jack along, I advocated against. While I was fully aware that my intentions were partly selfish (gimme that baby) I was also thinking on behalf of Jack. He’s still little and maybe a restaurant full of people and their germs just isn’t the best place for him. I had him for a few hours on Thursday evening and it was pretty sweet. He was thrilled, as you can see from the photo up there.

On Friday I did my usual errands and then took Jess to a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon. Eryk had the day off so he was home with Jack while we went but of course I visited for a bit afterwards. Jess is doing great and Jack, well, he’s being Jack. Sleeping and eating and that’s about it.

Dale and I enjoyed a great night at home. I do love fall decorations and the coziness they bring to our home.

We played Mexican Train – I think the first time we’ve played since summer vacation – and it was a fun night of music, cocktails, games and laughter.

On Saturday we headed back to King Richard’s Faire for one last time. It was the last weekend and we had loads of fun wandering around. The people watching just can’t be beat and we enjoy any chance to play dress up! Turns out, though, that it’s exhausting because we were both in bed just after 9pm. On a Saturday night. It’s a wild life we live, my friends.

Sunday was a full day, yard work for Dale, a photo shoot for me, a meeting for an upcoming celebration involving Dale’s family, and some reading on the deck – yes! in late October. We ended the afternoon with a visit with Jack. He love to be held and he snuggled right into your shoulder. We both know this time is fleeting and will pass quickly so we’re getting as much of those snuggles as we can!

So. Hello Monday! Let’s do this!


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  1. Looks like a perfect weekend! Do all newborns want to sleep arms up? My 4 month old / soon to be 5 month oldgranddaughter did as a newborn, too.

  2. What a sweet gig. You eat, sleep and people adore you for it! Expectations sure ramp up from there in life. Soak it up, Jack! Meanwhile, a charming start for a Monday.

  3. Oh, Carole! Jack is just so, so sweet! Jess looks GREAT — she just glows. It’s wonderful that you and Dale are nearby and can spend so much time with your family. XO (And that black lipstick? AWESOME.)

  4. Having family close makes being a grandparent so much easier and lovelier for you (and Dale). You’re right to enjoy the moment, but every moment will be wonderful. xox

  5. What a beautiful weekend! Love that you get to see (and share) so much of little Jack. And I laughed out loud at your costumes for the Faire … how fun!!

  6. Robby’s comment just cracked me up! Babies are just the best! Also, thank you for the book post.

    Cab you tell I’m behind in my reading?

  7. I would really, REALLY like to snuggle that baby! (And I do not particularly care for babies. I just like to have a warm creature snuggled up against my neck. (Take heed, kittens!))

  8. It is easier to welcome Monday with so much joy in your life, but you are right, it is a new week, one that we have been given and that we should enjoy _every minute_. Oh, those warm, baby-smelling snuggles, . I am so jealous, but glad for you.

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