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Well. That was a weekend full of Halloween shenanigans and then some! Wow.

First, there was our Kiwanis Halloween party. I was a scarecrow and Dale was a farmer. It was fun playing with makeup and creating that look.

On Friday I took Jess and Jack to the doctor for a follow up appointment for him. All is well and this wraps up his special care for being a wee bit early.

We went out to breakfast to celebrate! I had hash bombs, which are basically deep fried balls of corned beef hash, topped with poached eggs. Oh my goodness. It was delicious and a huge serving and I didn’t need to eat again until dinner time.

Jack was utterly thrilled by his first breakfast outing, as you can see.

Friday evening involved the usual drinks and snacks. We caught up on tv and sleep and it was heavenly.

Saturday morning was on the chilly side and the heat came on for a bit. Mason appreciated it, as you can see by this picture of him huddled up to the kitchen radiator. I know some people are funny about when they turn on the heat but my thermostat is automatic and when it drops below 65 in my house it comes on. I like it that way!

During the day I volunteered for a bit with Kiwanis, collecting donations for our Field of Flags. And in the evening we went to Tom and Anne’s Halloween party. Sean joined us and went as a wizard, a great compliment to Dale’s knight garb.

I was an elven queen, sporting the same things I’ve been wearing to the renaissance faire the last few weeks. Super easy but again, fun to play with makeup and create a different look.

Sunday was a lazy day of hanging around at home, knitting and watching football.

In the evening we headed to Jessica’s to have some dinner and carve some pumpkins. And to visit Super Baby, of course. Here he is with Auntie Hannah and yes, her hair is green for Halloween.

Every baby needs a cape!

I came home and wrote this blog post and went to bed. I’d call that a successful weekend.


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  1. What a fun-filled and entertaining weekend! Great costumes (and kudos to you for getting photos of them, too!) And whoa, Jack is growing! I guess good sleep and regular meals will do that to a little guy 🙂

  2. Most people are hard pressed to come up with one good costume, you managed two fun personas. So creative! Actually, everyone had good costumes.

    Thanks for the ‘hash bombs’ report which will be plaguing my thoughts today. I suspect my meals will be shamed by the comparison.

  3. Okay. If I ever go to a costume party (which I haven’t since . . . like 1988. . . ) I want to be an Elven Queen! What a great costume, Carole — and especially with The Knight and The Wizard! What a fun weekend. (And Super Baby is just too cute.) XO

  4. You guys create the best costumes! If I ever go to a costume party, I’m calling on you as a consultant. I love Dale’s chain mail (and Super Baby, of course)!

  5. Your dedication is awesome. I can’t believe you did a blog post after such a full day! It all looked like fun and your makeup was uber creepy.

  6. Your weekend looks fun! It’s the kind of weekend that one needs a weekend to recover from. You have the most beautiful family! (Fun costumes, too!)

  7. I would call that a more than full weekend! Where on earth do you get all that energy?! Looks like a barrel of fun, and the super baby costume was perfect.

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