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Right Now: November 2017 1/30

November 1st is here, my friends! How about a catch up post on the things going on for me right now?

Planning: NaBloPoMo posts and topics. It starts today and I’ve been participating since 2010 and I see no reason to stop now. Join me!

Writing: A speech I have to give this Friday night. Dale’s family is being honored by a local scholarship group and somehow I wound up being their choice for talking to the crowd. I don’t necessarily mind doing it but I want to get it just.right.

Cooking: Lots of things in the Instant Pot. It’s so awesome for cooking chicken breasts to us in recipes, for hardboiled eggs, for rice, and so much more. I use it several times every week.

Selling: LipSense and ShadowSense and more. Let me know if you want to try any of it, this stuff is a game changer.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy, This Is US & Outlander and loving them all. I didn’t see that exit on Grey’s last week coming and I’m a bit bummed about it, honestly.

Knitting: Socks for Hannah. I’m in the home stretch and need to get these finished so I can plan some fun knitting for a road trip we have coming up.

Reading: See What I Have Done. I started last night at bedtime and literally fell asleep after 1 page.

Enjoying: Heat in the morning. We haven’t had a fire in the woodstove yet (although I suspect it will be soon) but our thermostat is programmed to automatically come on when the temperature in the house goes below 60° and I’m glad. I see no point in participating in heat wars and refusing to be comfortable to save a couple of bucks.

Wondering: Why someone thinks Facebook is the place to ask when power is coming back. Yes, it’s inconvenient when the power goes out and I don’t like it either. But if you can get to Facebook then you can get to the electric company website and you can check there. Also, stop complaining and be glad you aren’t in Puerto Rico.

Smiling: At all the Halloween photos on Facebook because this is the upside of Facebook. I love seeing the progression of costumes from super cute to super scary as the kids grow up.

Speaking: Of Halloween photos, here’s ours.

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  1. We are also believers in the magical powers of a thermostat attached to a heat source. We are generally conservative energy users, but not obsessed.

  2. I’ll never understand the whole heat wars. If it’s cold the heat comes on – no war here! Pretty simple in my world.

  3. Let’s give it up for HEAT!!!! (I don’t get the whole I’m-so-hardy-I-don’t-need-heat-until-frostbite thing. . .) Your Halloween costumes are the best. XO

  4. I always try to hold out on turning the heat on until Nov. 1, but it’s mainly for economy, not out a misplaced sense of hardiness. I made it this year, and will probably hold out another few days as it’s supposed to be back in the 70s. The house hasn’t even gotten below 63° and I have plenty of Hitchhikers!

  5. Bonny is hardier than I am! Ours heat has been on since the end of September! I love your Halloween picture! (The power company website saved me a couple of times this year. It’s the best!)

  6. We’re all about the heat and have been turning the gas fireplace on in the morning…it’s been the bomb! And I had dinner with a woman who works for National Grid last night and all she had to say was…people…ugh. Love that photo!

  7. It is not the cold that bothers me so much as the dampness. AND, Steve now brewing beer has him a fanatic about the “right temperature” for fermenting, so even though I for sure would have lost on the dampness concern, he won on needing the heat on for his beer! LOL So, I am so happy that beer is living in my basement!

    And, I am with you on the pluses and minuses of FB… some days the minuses win, but this week those cute photos have won the week!

  8. Interesting list, Carole. My heat has been on intermittently for a while. When it gets below 65, I want heat. I don’t like suffering needlessly for any reason. If I could give utilities to the folks in PR, I would. I feel so badly for them. All of us need to count our blessings and be glad that we are here and not there. Well said! I really, really don’t understand why anyone would get their news from Facebook. That just seems lazy.

  9. I think I had our AC and heat on both in the same week! No way I’m suffering, either. Our house is OLD and it chills quickly! Love your Halloween photo. 😉

  10. Love the photo of y’all! I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it’s November1!

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