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Currently, March 2024

I didn’t do a mid February check in because it was when I was on vacation. But here we are at the middle of March so let’s talk about what’s going on around here.

Knitting: Socks, because apparently that’s all I knit these days. I did order yarn for the Gnome News is Good News mystery knit along so there will be that to look forward to next month.

Reading with my eyesThe Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon

Reading with my ears: Nothing at the moment because I just finished listening to The Poisonwood Bible and now I’m catching up on podcasts.

Watching: Grey’s Anatomy while I ride the Peloton. I love that there are entertainment options now, it’s a great motivator for me. And now that Oscar season is over we will be going back to our shows, probably starting with season 4 of All Creatures Great and Small.

Eating: I’m still doing Soup Sunday sometimes but we’ll be transitioning away from that now that the days are longer and the cozy season has ended. I’m looking forward to getting back to using the Ooni pizza oven and having snacks and cocktails on the deck!

Loving: Quite a few things, actually. Needing sun glasses on my ride home from work. Tomoe River Paper. Monthly massages. Watching Fred & George play. An underlying feeling of contentment.

Planning: Spring window boxes! I am itching to purchase and plant pansies! 

Anticipating: April vacation, although our plans are still unsettled. Camping season. Local elections. The end of wood stove season.

I hope all the things currently in your world are good things.

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  1. That’s a very nice “Currently” list. I particularly like: “An underlying feeling of contentment.” That says so much right there!

  2. Tomoe River Paper… oh yes! I finished TWO books yesterday (thanks insomnia, lol) and they both have me thinking! (always a very good thing!) May that contentment be the thread that weaves through your year! XO

  3. Cozy season is ending? Ha, ha,ha, haaaaa! We’re in the middle of a 10”-20” snow storm. We remain flexible until May. But Sunday night pizza is an excellent tradition I can fully endorse.

  4. A lovely, thoughtful, inspiring list, Carole. Your lists always make me think, in a very good way.

  5. We’ve enjoyed sitting on the pergola after work a couple of times this week — looking forward to it being a more regular occurrence!!

  6. Pizza night sounds great and I love that paper made your list. I’m looking forward to those 2 1/2 hours we tend to get here in VA when both the a/c and heat are turned off. Our weather is so crazy. Today is supposed to be 80 degrees but it will be back down below freezing next week.

  7. We’re having soup for dinner tonight (because grilled cheese has to have tomato soup to go with it), but it is definitely starting to feel like the end of soup season! I am also looking forward to seeing your window boxes, so I will keep my fingers crossed that you get to plant them soon!

  8. I sat out on the porch this afternoon! and glad to do it before we take it apart and wrap it up to weather pollen season. and WOOHOO for ACGAS S4 … enjoy it!

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