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Sometimes Mondays 20/30

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Aren’t so bad. At least when it’s the shortest work week of the year.

Then again, who has time for work when there are pie crusts to be made. (This is how I make my pie crust.)

And turkey gravy to prep. (This is how I make my turkey gravy in advance.)

Bring on the Thanksgiving/Thanksmas week!

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  1. I made my turkey stock last week, but we do make the gravy after the bird comes out. Today involves a daybreak trip to the grocery. After today, not a chance in the world I’m going until Friday.

  2. Looks like lots of yummy pie in your (near) future! We make our gravy in advance, too. Very similar to your method. . .

  3. My pie crust recipe is almost identical to yours! We are a smaller group this year so I only have to make two pies, apple & pumpkin. My favorite thing about pies at Thanksgiving is having a slice for breakfast the next day!

  4. Having as much made ahead of time as possible is the best way to host a successful T-day. You’re a master host, so no need to tell you!

  5. I’m not particularly a gravy lover, so we’ve gone many a Thanksgiving without. I know there are some at my table who really do love it, though, and this is genius! I think I’m going to try it… Thanks!

  6. I have already made my turkey stock just like you kindly guided me to do last year. And there is one pie in the freezer, so I only need to make a pumpkin pie, which is soooo easy. Thanks again for the link to the Noble Pig!

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