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Weekending 27/30

You know I love me a weekend and I love an extra long holiday weekend even more! We had a great Thanksgiving and the days that followed were terrific, too.

There was pie baking on Wednesday after work. I had a great time in my kitchen, making pies and watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel.

We went to the Nelson’s for Thanksgiving, as we traditionally do. We were a smaller group this year and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and then a pleasant afternoon and evening by the fire.

On Friday I had a little shopping excursion – not for Black Friday – but with Sean to the Italian Kitchen for Swedish supplies. Swedish meatballs for the win for Friday night snacks. It started feeling like Christmas the minute the smell of those meatballs filled my kitchen.

Saturday was Thanksmas with the kids. I love our tradition of gathering the Saturday after Thanksgiving for a turkey dinner. It was a great day, full of food and fun and games.

On Sunday we got to steal Jackie away from him mama for a few hour. We brought him with us to a tree trimming party at Sean and Michael’s. He was seasonally dressed, of course, and behaved perfectly. He even smiled for the camera. It was quick, I’ll tell you, but I was ready!

Nothing says Christmas like Santa on a baby’s bum.

The trees (yes, they have more than one) were trimmed, merry was made, and it was the perfect end to our holiday weekend.

Hope yours was everything you wanted it to be, too.

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  1. What a great weekend, Carole! Full of merry-making and frivolity and light. (And oh-my-god that Santa on Jackie’s little baby bum!!!!) So much love. XO

  2. Our Thanksgiving and weekend had fewer people than usual, and was quiet and restful; just what we needed. There’s enough turkey left for one more sandwich – for ME! Also – go see “Wonder” – it’s a lovely movie.

  3. Santa bum FTW (actually cute BABY FTW, but then that’s nothing new here!) I think I want to see more of Sean’s trees … they look amazing! as do ALL of you – happy (belated!) Thanksmas!!

  4. I always wanted to incorporate Swedish traditions in our holiday Steve [and Mary’s’] grandfather came to the states from Sweden. We also have German, Welsh, English and Scottish ancestry. My idea holiday is to do a bit from each. Jack gets cuter every time you post a photo.

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