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It was a busy and fun weekend around here although, it did not get off to an auspicious start.

Yep. Thursday afternoon I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from work and when I opened the back door on my Outback when I got home the bag with TWO bottles of wine rolled right out and smashed in the driveway. Luckily, my suede boots were just fine and the rest of the weekend definitely got better.

On Friday morning I drove to the Cape to meet up with Doreen and visit Eden Hand Arts. I was making an exchange for Kym with no plans to buy anything for myself. Of course you know that changed and somehow a fish ring just jumped right on to my thumb before we were out the door.

From there we headed to Scargo Cafe for lunch and to celebrate Doreen’s birthday. We shared this tuna “martini” and it was DE-lish!

We both had the shrimp and couscous salad. It was loaded with super delicious shrimp along with roasted brussels sprouts and butternut squash and it was so so good.

We finished by sharing this awesome dish of grapenut pudding. This is their house specialty and it did not disappoint.

In the evening Dale and I went to a work Christmas party for me – it was a busy and full day but included lots of laughs with friends.

On Saturday I went with Hannah, Jessica and Jack to a fair at the school where they work. I did some Christmas shopping (okay, I really only bought stuff for me) and had a wonderful time seeing Jess and Hannah interact with so many of their coworkers and students. Hannah loved holding this Burmese python and, while I was happy to take her picture, there was no way I was getting too close.

It snowed for most of the day and the Christmas lights looked so pretty that night. Dale and I stayed in and watched Christmas movies, it was a great way to enjoy that first snow storm of the season.

On Sunday we spent most of the day at home, Dale cleaning up the snow and stuff around the yard and garage while I did inside stuff like knitting and watching Hallmark movies. In the evening we headed to a local campground to see their Christmas light display. It was lovely but we had to sit in traffic for over an hour to get in. A rookie mistake on our part as we could have gone back roads instead and not waited at all.

The cabins were decorated by various groups from the community.

This one, by The Oliver House, was our favorite. They had a Christmas Carol playing on the TV and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future set up on the porch and yard. Great theme!

I have to admit, though, that this one with ALL those lights was awesome! They were twinkling and blinking and, even if my preference at home is white lights, this one was super fun!

As was the weekend. Now it’s Monday and I’m fighting off a cold and cough and hoping it goes away because there is so much to do this week!

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! We got snow on Friday so I stayed home the whole time. That suits me though – very relaxing.

  2. As much fun as your weekend was, I keep thinking about that awful first photo! My sil recommended Umcka (pelargonium extract) to me several years ago as a way to stop a cold or at least lessen its severity and duration. I start taking it as soon as I get that first scratchy throat feeling and think it really works for me. I can usually get it at our health food store and make sure I have it on hand in the winter. My sil is a family practice dr. and she has only been sick once in the past five years since she starting using it, even with seeing all those germy patients. Hope you can kill your viruses!

  3. The Christmas light cabin display looks just awesome, Carole! What a fun idea. (And now you know the secret to getting in without a wait for next year.) I hope you feel better soon, and that the cold passes quickly without slowing you down. (As for me, I’m off to find some of that Umcka stuff Bonny mentioned – because Tom came home from Argentina with a cold. Ugh.)

  4. I did the same sad thing with wine a couple of years ago. They broke on my ice & snow covered driveway…my brother referred to the spot as the “site of the massacre” until the stain finally melted away. That Christmas light display looks amazing!

  5. Oh no! The wine disaster almost brings tears to my eyes, as does the snake. Yikes! The Christmas displays are quite beautiful though. Hope you feel better soon!

  6. I’m so sorry about your wine,but your weekend most certainly did get better. Eden Hand Arts looks ADORABLE! Lunch sounds/looks delicious! I would keep my distance from that snake, too. I can appreciate all the twinkling & colorful lights, too, as long as they’re not at my house!! 😉

  7. What a fun weekend! I am so jealous since it’s dry here with no snow in sight—not even in the mountains!

  8. This looks like a great weekend overall, Carole. And I noticed that division of labor on Sunday! [Dale worked in the yard while I knitted and watched movies.] Uh, that sounds like the kind of division of labor that I would like. 😉 I hope your cold is gone when you wake up in the morning.

  9. I’m so glad the weekend improved! Your day with Doreen looks delicious! (then I blew right by the photo of Hannah) and love seeing you and Dale and all those festive lights!!

  10. Love those cabins, while we still have snow in places the temperatures have been up and down. Hope the cough improves.

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