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The Christmas Mantel 2017

Last week I told Kym that I had changed things up on our mantel this year and she asked for a picture. Never one to miss an opportunity for a blog post, I’m sharing it today with all of y’all.

As you can see, we do not have a traditional mantel. As in, it’s actually part of a closed off fireplace in our living room. At first I thought it was really weird but I’ve grown to love it. In fact, a few years ago when we painted this room, Dale offered to remove the mantel and wood arround it and have someone plaster over it and make it look like a regular wall but I turned him down. I like having that ledge to decorate each season and I know I’d miss it if I didn’t have it.

Even if it is weird.

Anyway, that print is something that Dale and I bought our first Christmas together, 21 years ago. We weren’t married yet but we were shopping together and Dale spied it and we bought it, making it one of the first things we ever bought together. I’m a little tired of it but the sentimental value with that one is strong so it’s staying put for now. I’ve always had a garland up there but this is a prelit battery operated one that I got last year when I had finally had it with electrical cords. The wooden pillar candleholders and glittery paper trees are from World Market and the candles are flameless but pretty realistic that I got at Costco.

It’s simple and pretty and the lights make me happy. It’s also pretty hygge and it may just stay that way for a while after the holiday because that’s how we roll.


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  1. We have a closed off fireplace with a couch in front of it and I love putting up the Santa collection on that ledge. Your display is very cozy.

  2. LOVE the mantel!!! (I have those same candles from Costco — and I love them.) I don’t think the closed-off fireplace/mantel is weird at all. I love having a mantel to decorate — and I’d never want to be rid of it. So festive and lovely, Carole! Thanks for sharing. XO

  3. I love your mantel and I leave my lights up on the mantel until I get sick of them usually sometime in February. Very hygge.

  4. This is lovely and joyful. I love it. I don’t think it’s weird at all! Lots of people put wooden ledges on their walls for collectibles and pictures.

  5. That scene is gorgeous. I think your frosted mantle display is probably good at least through 12th Night, but maybe until just before Mardi Gras. Enjoy!

  6. the garland looks so nice! especially with the white trees and candles. I’d definitely be planning to leave it up til spring!

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