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9 on Wednesday

If you’re on Instagram at all you’ve probably seen people posting their best nine photos of 2017. Basically, it’s a collage of your nine most liked posts from the year. Wanna see mine?

Looks like Jackie stole the show! From the first time we each held him to his early days at home to his Christmas photo, he was a very popular little guy with my Instagram followers. Rounding out the collage we have a rainbow from our Maine vacation last June and Thanksgiving pies.

All good stuff but my most favorite is that selfie in the bottom left corner. He’s still super snuggly but in those early days, OH! those snuggles!

I’m gonna need a time machine.

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  1. The most adorable bestnine, and that middle row is quite lovely. Good thing Dale was holding Jackie so he could also make it into the collage! 🙂

  2. There will be many more snuggles to come, Carole. I can just picture Jackie standing on his stool at your elbow helping you bake cookies. Many good times to come, I think. This is a great collage.

  3. All the pictures are sweet, but the one where Jackie is just melted into your shoulder just takes the cake.

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