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Tuesday posts are often problematic. The weekend is over, there’s no more Ten on Tuesday, it’s a bit of a no man’s land. BUT. If I don’t share a weekending post on Monday the Tuesday problem is solved. At least this week, anyway.

Behold: a mosaic of my weekend.

A really delicious pizza that I made Friday night, topped with our own ricotta and venison sausage.

Friday nights snacks.

Saturday night sushi for 4: Dale and I, Doreen and Mark.

Waffles and bacon on Sunday morning.

Bloody Mary’s on the deck with Doreen on a beautiful and warm Sunday afternoon.

In between all of that, plenty of laughs and reading, some socializing about town, and a triumphant Pats win.

It was a great weekend even if it did take me until Tuesday to tell you about it.

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  1. Yes, more about the cheese making, pls. Also curious about your pizza dough. We recently tried Smitten Kitchen’s version of the famous No Knead pizza dough. It was really good, but I’m always curious what reliable cooks are doing.

  2. OK, I will avoid the football and cheer for the food. It all looks delicious and the sushi is just plain gorgeous! As a Midwesterner to the Rockies, it’s definitely seafood envy!

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