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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Cranberry Country Mitts

Continuing with my commitment to document and share my finished projects, today I have these pretty new fingerless mitts to show you.

There isn’t a pattern, I just cast on 52 stitches, knit K2P2 for a while to make a cuff, and then just went round and round.

When I got bored I’d do a few rows or purling or a row of K2tog YO just to liven things up. The biggest struggle for me? Not making them match!


I didn’t bother with thumb gussets, I just stopped knitting in the round when I got to where I thought the thumb opening should be. Then, when I thought that opening was big enough, I joined up again and started going round and round like before. I finished with some ribbing at the top and then went back and picked up stitches around the thumb opening. They stick out kind of funny because there’s no gusset but they look just fine on my hand. Also, I didn’t want to poke my eyes out because the thumb part was fussy.

I call them Cranberry Country Mitts because the yarn is the color of cranberries (It’s Woolen Rabbit Opal in the color Oh Ruby, leftover from my Cactus Flower shawl of 2014) and because, well, I work in cranberry country.

Simple and easy, they are just what I pictured when I decided to make them. I can’t ask for more than that when I decide to wing it with a knitting project.

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  1. I think they look fabulous! Inspired me to make up my own pattern for somethings I’ve always thought about but then chickened out and searched for a pattern! Nice inspiration all around!!!

  2. Not wanting to poke your eyes out is a serious selling point on a project. And they’re pretty. Seems like a win to me.

  3. Those are beautiful, and Oh Ruby is one of my favorite reds.

    Re: not making them match. I have managed to accept stripy yarn where the socks don’t match because that is sort of out of my control. But I’m not sure I could consciously not make the stitch patterns match when I could control that. OCD is not funny! (Well, a little funny.)

  4. These turned out great Carol! the photos almost make them look like they have bobbles on them! I’ve really been enjoying making fingerless mitts – they make an excellent project to take on the go. Fab color too.

  5. These are very, very purty, Carole. I love the color, that they don’t match, and that you just winged it.

  6. wow! super impressed with your creativity (and honestly, mostly with your commitment to winging it!) I LOVE that they’re fraternal twins 🙂 also hope you coordinated lip color in addition to nails?! do share!

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