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In an attempt to get my Monday act together, I got my photos from Friday and Saturday ready and uploaded on Sunday morning. There were only two so it wasn’t all that hard.

Friday night. The usual.

Saturday night. Not so usual because we actually went out. I know, right? We went with our friends Rose & Steve to a local restaurant for a terrific meal that started with Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls and Butternut Squash Ravioli. So good. After dinner we went back to their house for homemade chocolate chip cookies and Rummikub. We’ve never played that before and I’ve always wanted to give it a try and it was quite fun.

Sunday was all about Super Bowl prep and the build up to the big game. For us, of course, that game was less than satisfying. But at least the snacks were good.

As I mixed the spices for the dry rub for the baked chicken wings I couldn’t help but notice that the spices looked like sand art. Shaken up and rubbed on chicken wings and baked until crispy, though, is when the real art happens!

We also had our standard crackers and cheese.

And Jo-Ann made this outstanding platter of baked dips.  Rounded out with Doreen’s fabulous mac and cheese and browned butter rice crispie treats, I’ll just say that the stress eating we did was delicious.

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend?


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  1. I’m gonna need to know more about Joann’s creation. As for the outcome? Think of it as being polite and sharing the joy of the Big Game with the other team.

  2. I guess you know how my weekend went. 😉

    Those baked dips look incredible – and I’m so intrigued as to how the recipe works …

  3. I love Joann’s creation! That looks so cute! (And, delicious!!) We had a great weekend, but stayed up a bit too late last night so Monday is off to a slow start here.

  4. Super Bowl is always a bit sad—no more football for the next six months. I have to confess that I was cheering for Philadelphia.

  5. Any chance there is a recipe for that delicious baked dip tray from Joanne?? Your weekend looks yummy even though your team didn’t win!!

  6. Looks like everyone wants the cheese dip recipe! Add me to the list! Guess you can have a guest blogger… 🙂

    Daughter and her boyfriend (he’s from PA) decided mid-week last week to fly to Philly from Seattle. Were scheduled to fly home Wednesday, figuring the parade would be Monday or Tuesday… Nope, Thursday! Flights are rearranged. Didn’t have a dog in this fight, but am happy for the kids!

  7. So much good food! We made buffalo chicken dip and I thought of you … and you can definitely add me to the list of folks who’d love that baked dip tray recipe. It would be a HUGE hit at our next family reunion!

  8. It was a pretty good game… though perhaps not from where you were sitting. It’s always so stressful when you’re team is in it!!

  9. Sometimes it just comes down to the food. Those baked dips look delicious-I’ve never seen that before.

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