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Three On Thursday

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of enthusiasm and support for my political announcement yesterday! Believe me when I say that I wish you all could vote for me, too!

Here’s something else that’s exciting: the Olympic games started yesterday! And the opening ceremonies are tomorrow night! Here are three ways to get ready to enjoy the winter games:

  1. Follow the official Olympics website. You can find the schedule of events there, results, athlete information, and you can even watch live.
  2. Read this article. It’s got great coverage of the athletes, who to watch, how to watch, and even some trivial stuff like information on the Olympic mascot and controversial situations.
  3. Join Team Rules Schmules for your Olympic knitting. Whatever you’re knitting, however you’re watching, this group has your back and really, everybody qualifies. You can’t beat that!

Are you a watcher of the games? I enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer ones so I’m excited to spend some time watching amazing athletes compete while I, well, sit on the couch and knit. What’s not to love?

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  1. I love them all, but my dad was an athletic coach for decades so I grew up watching all of them. I also learned a lot about the sports from him, and understanding makes a huge difference. A lot of Winter Olympic athletes train 2-3 hours from here, or are home grown.

  2. In the true spirit of the Olympics, you’ve inspired me! I’ve joined Team Rules Schmules (love the name!) and will participate in WIPS Dancing for a much-needed push to complete several of them. I may be the “Eddie the Eagle” of the Ravellenic Games, but I’m going to give it a try. Thanks, Carole!

  3. I’ve joined Rules Schmules as well. I’ve got those darn blanket squares to finish and I’ve lost my mojo so what the heck…this may be just what I need! Off to read the article thank-you!

  4. I too joined Rules Schmules – hoping to wrap up a few projects before VACATION knitting begins.

  5. I’m looking forward to watching figuring skating and skiing … and cheering on Rules Schmules from the sidelines!

  6. So many fun memories of olympian knitting feats over the years – while I’m not formally jumping into olympic knits this go round, I do have a simple shawlette at the ready for any possible knitting time while watching.

  7. I’m also on Team Rules Schmules and have no plans to bust my butt to get something done. Everyone loves the winter Olympics more! We have more time to watch and the sports are all exciting and somewhat romantic. Go team, USA!!

  8. This year I’m making a point to watch the Olympics, my favorite events have always been the figure skating. I’m trying to branch out and watch other events- so far I’ve seen snow boarding, speed skating, AND curling! I learned a lot about curling-I have to say I’m a bit fascinated.

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