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Three On Thursday

Here are 3 things I’ve done this week that fall in the “taking care of business” category of life:

  1. Had an appointment with my new doctor. It’s been coughtwoyearscough since I’ve had a regular check up and yesterday was the day to get it done. I met my new doctor and he was nice and things are fine and I’m on track for blood work and a follow up visit. It feels good to have that done because I was nervous.
  2. Scheduled an appointment for an oil change for my car. This is way overdue and I just kept putting it off but yesterday I went online (I mean, really, how easy is this?) and scheduled an appointment and it’s done.
  3. Knit a gauge swatch for Jack’s Baby Surprise Jacket. What? A gauge swatch? How about that.

And speaking of Jack, look who is learning to eat real food!

What business are you taking care of this week?

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  1. Good for you! especially that #1. and yay for Jackie … I’ll bet he’s gonna be an eating pro soon!

  2. Oh, doctors! Good for you! Regular checkups aren’t normal in Holland, but I think it’s a good habit. Better catch things early.
    Jack is so cute 😉
    I’ve been taking care of tax business. Almost done with the yearly list (but moving on to quarterly in April).

  3. Thanks for the oil change reminder. I need to do that too. I did finally make an eye doctor’s appointment for tomorrow. I’m dreading it but I’m also pretty dang excited. For 1,000 different reasons, I’ve been wearing the same glasses for 13 years and I finally had to say Uncle! and admit I could no longer see out of them. Like, at all. I have to turn my head & look out of the left side of them in order to read anything. It’s pathetic.

  4. Made a BSJ once. They’re very heavy because of the garter stitch. I used striping yarn which was sorta a mistake because I got hung up on making the fronts and sleeves match each other. You know, come to think of it, it wasn’t a BSJ, but I can’t remember what it was!

  5. Good job on the doc appointment! Very important stuff. I got Gone With The Wind done and am happy to be able to report that and be rid of Scarlett! He-lllllo Jackie!

  6. I’m in between doctors, too…seeing one who stepped in for my previous doctor who left to start another practice and meeting a new one at end of month. Way too much changing, etc.

    The baby is indeed liking his food! Yay Jack. Enjoy!

  7. The business I’m taking care of is similar to yours. Knee doc (check), plans for next week (almost a check), and grossery shopping (check later today). Happy TGIF!

  8. Ha! Almost identical-physical, eye doctor and annual car service. No swatching, but a smudge of knitting which probably actually equaled a swatch.

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