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It was another whirlwind weekend around here . . .

On Friday I got to take little Jack to the grocery store with me. He’s been to the store before, obviously, but this is the first time he went with me and rode in the cart. He’s not quite sitting up on his own yet but the cart cover I have has a bolster pillow that keeps him propped up. He loved riding through the store, looking at everything and grinning at everyone.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at home – he took a long nap – and then we did a little campaigning with friends in the center of our town. It was cold and windy out there but Jackie stayed with us and I love that he’s learning at a young age that service and activism is part of regular life.

Friday night was our usual evening with snacks, more appreciated than usual perhaps since it felt so good to come out of the cold and sit by the fire.

Saturday was more time on the campaign trail, holding signs and then later doing some door to door work and setting up more signs around town. The storm we had hammered some of my signs but we’re hoping that as things melt they will pop back up. In the meantime we replaced some and put out more. We attended a fundraiser in the evening, talking to more voters and supporting a great cause to raise money for a young woman in our town with FOP.

Sunday was the annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast. Once again I was in charge of the bacon and that’s a very good thing!

It was also Jack’s first pancake breakfast and it sure was fun to walk through the cafeteria and show him off a bit. I couldn’t help but think about next year when he’ll be able to eat pancakes! And bacon!

In the afternoon I went to a class on using essential oils and it was really interesting. I haven’t worked with essential oils much at all but I’m excited to learn more about them.

We ended the weekend the way it began, talking and catching up with some snacks and a cocktail. I’m so grateful for those times with Dale, he’s my rock and such a great sounding board for all of the campaign stuff.

I think the next few weekends will be more of the same but I have to say, I’m learning a lot about our town and the people who live here and it really is fun to get out and talk to people about the concerns they have and issues they see.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What great photos, Carole! Looks like your campaign is going strong, and that little Jack is learning from the best! (also, pancakes and bacon – happy to say – that sounds delicious!) Happy Monday!

  2. What a jam-packed weekend, Carole!!! You make a great candidate!!! And that Jackie? (Oh, man . . . that plaid shirt . . . ) He is a charmer, for sure!

  3. I always appreciate when candidates for our borough council care enough to come talk to residents and listen to our concerns. It doesn’t happen often in our little town, so it makes a big impression when a candidate does it. (And campaigning with Jackie is also a plus!)

  4. I could be wrong, but I thought campaigning with a cute baby was considered an unfair advantage?!

  5. What a busy weekend! And I think all of your efforts during this campaign are going to pay off! Hi Jackie! He is so cute!

  6. Oh my gosh, Jack is such a cute baby! I’d never get any shopping done, I’d just push my cart around and watch him smile!

  7. Carole, I really admire your community involvement, and surely it will pay off on election day. I would cast my vote for you with pride! As usual, your weekend looks nothing like mine, but that’s ok. I am not the ball of fire that you are, and I just love watching your energy. Have a great week with minimal storm effects! Happy Monday!

  8. Jack gets cuter by the minute. My weekend was great- spent some time with my “little” guy in DC. Now back to reality!

  9. Jack is just too cute. His little suit of black stars, etc. against the creamy white background just really showcased his cuteness. You pack a big wallop into two days.

  10. That kid is just plain ADORABLE!!
    I’ve had a hankering for pancakes lately… gonna need to do something about that.

  11. I so admire your campaign. You are part of the wave of women running for office around the country. Congratulations on making history! You go girl.

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