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Three On Thursday

In the midst of this very busy time for me – when I’m mailing campaign material and attending candidate’s night, filming TV spots and knocking on doors – it’s so important to remember the importance of self care. And that is why I do these three things just about every day:

  1. Meditate. It’s been just over two years since I started a daily meditation habit and, while I haven’t always done it every day, right now I am on an 87 day streak. It’s time that’s just for me and, even if it’s only 5 minutes, it settles me in a way that nothing else does.
  2. Drink tea. I’m on a big tea kick these days and am really enjoying Yogi Ginger (and the quotes on the tea bags, too) as well as Pukka Three Cinnamon. There’s something really soothing about a warm cup in my hands and the aroma of spices and I feel restored every time I drink a cup.
  3. Use essential oils. This is a brand new thing in my world but I went to a demonstration a couple of weeks ago and I’m now completely hooked. At the class we made two different blends to take home, one called liquid sleep and one called liquid zen and these two little vials have been wonderful and couldn’t have come into my life at a more perfect time. I ordered some oils for myself and really look forward to learning more about using natural, rather than synthetic, remedies for lots of things.

What do you do for self care? I’d love to hear your tips!

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  1. You are so wise to take care of yourSELF during your busy campaign! Nothing keeps you grounded and ready-for-everything else like meditation — and a soothing cup of tea and calming essential oils are the icing on the cake. XOXO

  2. Hi Carole. I too am more into being mindful. Oils? Where did you go? Very interested.
    I’m so proud of you and I’d be one of your biggest fans if I lived in your hood.

  3. I think you’re so smart to remember to take care of yourself in times like these!
    Self care is one of the things I’m really bad at. I do drink lots of tea though 😉

  4. A couple of years ago, Steve got me some oils for Christmas – I just love what they can do for you! And, good for you for taking care of you in these hectic days!

  5. You are a very busy woman and its wonderful to see you are taking care of yourself. You give and will give so much to others who need your influence. Take care of you and then you’ll have more to give back. xox

  6. I’ve always thought essential oils were a crock but I’ve been having second thoughts lately. If taking turmeric and putting Vicks VaporRub on my feet can help as much as they do, then maybe there really is something to essential oils.

  7. Those are three very good and wise things to do! I’m new to meditation, but I can definitely tell when I neglect daily practice. Drinking tea (and even the act of making it) makes you slow down, and I can’t imagine my life without peppermint and lavender oil. Your strength is your own knowledge and that begins with knowing how important it is to take care of yourself!

  8. You’re a smart one, Carole!! Taking care of yourself is so important, especially when you give so much to others.

  9. Filming TV spots??!! go girl!! Since we had some amazing “aromas” in our room in Mexico, I am really intrigued by essential oils, but haven’t wanted to spend the time (or the money) to find out more – look forward to following your lead 🙂

  10. Tea for sure, throughout the day! I also make every effort to get 8 hours of sleep every night – still trying to adjust to DST…and to take time, several times a day, to be alone with my thoughts, to relax, breathe, meditate…
    You are most wise to build and engage in self-care practices in your very busy life, to be made busier by your campaign. Carry on!

  11. I start my day with my exercise routine, then my devotion time about 15 minutes all before work. The last 30 minutes or so is spent with a printed or e-book. Helps me wind down before sleep. Self-care is soooo important.

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