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Tiny Moment Tuesday

Yesterday I was sworn in as the 4th woman to serve on the Board of Selectmen in my town. It was a tiny moment, for sure, lasting only about 30 seconds. But it was witnessed by my husband, my best friend, my sister-in-law and my new friends that serve on other boards in town.

I guess what I’m saying is, even though it was a tiny moment, it was also momentous.


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  1. I can now say “I knew you when…”
    Congratulations my friend. You’ll be your amazing self ??

  2. I think any time we stand up in public and make a promise to others is an important moment. We are stating our commitment to serve others, which requires both support and constructive accountability. Wishing you both in this new adventure.

  3. Perhaps a tiny moment in terms of seconds, but I bet it’s much larger in terms of what happens going forth from that moment. I wish you and your town well!

  4. AWESOME! (I got tingles just looking at the pictures.)
    Tiny moments are usually the BIGGEST moments. Y’know?

  5. You do look pretty focused in that picture! I hope this journey is full of learning opportunities and ways to feel good about moving your town forward. It’s hard these days, but I know you are up to the task. Good luck!

  6. Life’s a succession of tiny moments and their impact is based on the choices you make in that moment. The citizens of East Bridgewater have chosen wisely! Congratulations Carole for stepping out of the boat and getting into the deep water! Well done!

  7. Exciting! Congratulations! Now, the work truly begins…and I’m sure you’ll do well by your constituents.

  8. YIKES I got behind this week! I’m so proud of YOU and your town for electing the best woman for the job!!

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