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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

A couple of years ago I started a pair of socks. They were meant to be a birthday gift but I missed the deadline. And then I realized they were too small for the recipient anyway. I set them aside. And, you know how this story goes, right? I forgot all about them.

A few weeks ago I was straightening up my craft room (not well, mind you, because at the moment that room is a disaster) but in the midst of moving things around I found the socks. One was completed and one was about 25% done. And I thought, geeez, I really should finish these but they are so small and they won’t fit me and . . . who can I give them to . . . and then I thought . . .  Jessica has small feet!

I had her try the finished one on that night when they came for dinner and it fit like a charm.

I haven’t finished the second one yet but I’m getting closer. Maybe by next Wednesday?

I can only hope!

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  1. Love that shade of blue! What is the yarn? The pattern is really pretty too. Good for you if you can find time to knit these days – I imagine your life will be a tad bit busier than it has been in the past!

  2. Hooray for regaining a bit of knitting time now that the campaign is over, and even more cheers for finding socks that are very near completion!

  3. I love the yarn–color and squish (at least it looks squishy). I really wish I liked knitting socks. Maybe I’ll try again when I’m on summer vacation.

  4. If only I would find some socks near completion. The only odd socks I find are barely started. In the future if Jessica has a full sock drawer, I have small feet. HA HA HA HA These are lovely socks.

  5. Now that you know who they’re for, I’m guessing that last 75% will go a lot faster 🙂 (also – feeling good about my decision a few years back to quit knitting socks in fingering weight yarn!)

  6. Ha! I am in exactly the same boat with the one pair of socks I have on the needles- soo close!

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