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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Jessica’s Socks

We interrupt this Nashville travelogue to bring you breaking and exciting news . . . I finished a pair of socks!

They took two years and one week. Or something along those lines because they basically sat in a bag for two years with one sock finished and one just started. Once I set my mind to getting them done it took less than a week.

The pattern is Katniss and it’s a lovely design, I love the way those cables pop.

I’m just so happy that they are done and I am glad and I will be giving them to Jessica tonight.


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  1. Woo Hoo! Lucky Jessica! I need a trip so I can finish the pair I’ve got going…they’ve been sitting for almost a year! Beautiful job Carole!

  2. Those are gorgeous socks, Carole. Such a great shade of blue! (And now you’ve reminded me of the one finished sock in my drawer. I really ought to get going on the second. . . )

  3. A lovely pair of socks, and you made them so quickly! Once you set your mind to it, you really did get them done in a snap. Jessica owes you a big hug.

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