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Easing Back In

I’m back! And I should have a vacation recap for you today . . . but I don’t. Even though we came home late Friday night (really early early Saturday morning) I spent the rest of the weekend catching up with our kids and hanging out at home. Plus, you know . . . dealing with the detritus of being away that includes unpacking and laundry and grocery shopping.

So, forgive me for just showing you this photo from last night:


Cocktails on the deck with pimento cheese. A way of welcoming ourselves back to Massachusetts while honoring our time on the south.

I promise a real post for tomorrow, y’all!

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  1. Easing back in (gently!) is the way to do it, hopefully while wearing those great boots to prolong the vacation a little!

  2. Welcome home-have you tried it as a grilled cheese sandwich?! I hope you enjoyed Nashville-it is a fun city.

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