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We Were Nashville Cats

Part of my problem with writing about our Nashville vacation is just deciding where to start . . . how to focus and organize my photos and memories . . . but I’ve decided to just jump right in with the thing that really makes Nashville a terrifically fun place to visit: the MUSIC.

The nickname Music City couldn’t be more appropriate as there is literally music everywhere. When you get off the plane – music. When you drive around the streets – music. Literally every bar, every restaurant, and even some street corners, are loaded with live musicians. And not just any musicians but some really fine ones who could fill in readily with some of the best people in the industry at a moment’s notice.

As I may have mentioned a time or two over the years, Dale and I love our music. We listen to music together a lot and, of course, Dale sings in his band. Our tastes in music aren’t always the same but for our trip to Nashville we were in complete agreement that we wanted to hear traditional country western music so that’s what we sought out. We saw good bands at Whiskey Row and Tin Roof, we saw terrific individual performers at The Row and The Bootleggers Inn, we saw a really good traditional country western band at Second Fiddle and a band playing current country music at the Whiskey Bent Saloon.

Our favorite place, though, of all the places we went to, was Robert’s Western World. It’s a true honky tonk with neon signs and cheap beer and (surprisingly enough) really good fried bologna sandwiches. They have live music all day long but I really think the best bands play at night. We went there Wednesday night and saw Sarah Gayle Meech and she was so good and so fun that we went back to see her again on Thursday night. The steel guitar player was awesome and so was the stand up bass player. Sarah’s vocals are strong and true and the playlist was terrific, ranging from Patsy Cline to Marty Robbins and more. We sang along, we drank beer, we danced, and we had just

Until 2 am on both Wednesday and Thursday night, I might add.

Not bad for a couple of old folks, huh?

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  1. Oh yeah! I’m so happy to hear this! It was Robert’s Western World that kept us out way past bedtime, too. Did you see the Don Kelley Band there?? That’s the one with the 17yo wiz guitar player! Or Brazilbilly?

  2. There is so much music in Nashville and many of fabulous artists who will never make it “big”. As you found, it’s one of America’s best places to hear music. Food, fun and country! Looks like you had the best of times!

  3. I need to go back! We went once with teenagers present (for a wedding) so we couldn’t go into any bars. So glad you two tore it up and stayed out all night! 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you and Dale had fun! I didn’t want to make recommendations since I had not been honky-tonking in Nashville in a long time, and I knew you and Dale would find the best places. Sometimes you just have to listen to music, eat good food (fried bologna sandwiches? you really did fit in!), and let your hair down. Carole, let your mind roll on……

  5. That sounds like great fun! I was a country rock (Allman Brothers and the like) fan in college, but didn’t learn to love country until Katie was in college … now it’s my favorite thing to listen to (besides classical, which just isn’t very good for singing along 🙂

  6. I love country music and it has changed sooo much since the days of Conway Twitty and Tammy Wynette! We saw some great acts when we’ve been to the Grand Ole Oprey-reminds me that I need to get back to Nashville as a tourist!

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