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Three On Thursday: Museums in Nashville

We visited three museums while in Nashville. I didn’t plan that but it sure is convenient for today’s post!

  • The first one we went to was the Country Music Hall of Fame. We went on Monday because it was freezing out and I figured an indoor activity would be a good thing. This museum is BIG. Really big. And some of it – to me anyway – was a little dull. But Dale loved it and there is certainly a lot to see, from costumes and boots to gold records and cars and more.

  • We also visited the Johnny Cash Museum. I really enjoyed this one and it gave a great history of Cash’s life and his incredible musical career. One point they made that I thought was so interesting was that he has the distinction of being a musician who record in every available format so far, from 78s to 8 track all the way to mp3s. There’s a great video in the museum of many of his film and tv roles that’s super entertaining. The most moving part of the whole thing for me, though, was that they show his “Hurt” video at the end and it’s a very powerful way to exit.

  • Finally, we visited the Ryman Auditorium. We didn’t get to see a show because our schedule just didn’t work for it but we still enjoyed the tour so much. The video at the very beginning of the tour is excellent and gives a great history of the Ryman and the theater itself is beautiful. While we were there Dale did a recording in their studio and that was really fun for him and we’ve enjoyed playing Dale vocals, accompanied by the Grand Old Opry orchestra, to “King of the Road” for our friends and family.

Of course there are plenty of other museums to visit, like the Patsy Cline Museum, and we did take a side trip over to Franklin where we toured The Carter House but these three were the highlights of the trip for me.

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  1. Those sound like 3 great museums to visit! I’m not a real country music fan, so I’m sort of thinking the Country Music Hall of Fame might not be my favorite (unlike the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which I loved) – but it sounds interesting all the same. And my dad is a huge Johnny Cash fan — so I grew up with that music, and would really appreciate that one. And I can just imagine Dale, recording at the Ryman. What fun! Thanks for taking us along on your museum tour. XO

  2. Nashville sounds like a great place to visit. It never really spoke to me before, but now it’s making it’s way onto my list of things I’d like to visit in the US ( mean: Johnny Cash museum, wow!). Don’t know if I ever will though, since I still haven’t talked my dear husband in to changing his mind about the States. If it were up to me we’d moved to your country 20 years ago, but he… well, he feels different about that 😉

  3. I haven’t been a big fan of country music until the last few years when Justin began sharing some of his favorites. That has kindled a new appreciation of country music for me, and I can see that visiting some of these museums would be a great way to learn and listen more. I was ready to visit Nashville for the fried bologna sandwiches, but now I can add the Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline museums!

  4. Oh, how fun. We really enjoyed the Country Music Hall of Fame — it’s amazing, even as someone who is not particularly a “country music fan,” how much was relevant and enjoyable. There’s so much crossover — cultural, musical, etc. That Ryman experience sounds so great. How fun to have a recording!!

  5. Oh I would love that Johnny Cash museum and the Patsy Cline one! I’ll bet that watching Dale record was a wonderful experience!

  6. OMG—it’s 5:30 Mountain time and I haven’t visited my favorite blogs. The museums in Nashville look like so much fun. I bet Johnny Cash is especially interesting. Have you seen the movie “I Walk the Line”. It’s a good movie about Johnny Cash biography.

  7. We’ve visited all three of those. I love the Country Music Hall of Fame! So much crossover. Their special exhibits are great, and their little meet the artist workshops are fun. Small get-togethers where a singer/songwriter talks about what they do, and plays a little music. We met Kim Richey that way.

    Now you have to go back. A show at the Ryman is amazing. We saw Dwight Yoakam once, and A Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile more recently.


  8. It’s been so many years since I was in Nashville that none of the three museums you mentioned were there! It would be a fun city to visit. The highlight for Dale must be having the recording from the Ryman. Wow! What a thrill!

  9. You’ve seen 2 I haven’t before so they are going on the list. Since I have a niece living there now I hope to make a trip sooner rather than later. I really enjoyed the Tennessee state museum too.

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