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You’d think, looking at my photos from most weekends (but this one especially) that all we do all weekend is drink cocktails and eat cheese. Let me assure you, despite all evidence to the contrary, that’s not true.

I mean, we do love to wind down the week with Friday Night Snacks™. It’s a great way for us to relax and catch up at the end of the work week. Plus, there’s no cooking involved.

We also love our Mexican food and Cinco de Mayo was a great excuse to make pico de gallo and guacamole. The added bonus? The deck furniture is out! Woot!

And we traditionally have Sunday breakfast. It’s really the only day of the week we have breakfast together and it generally serves as lunch, too. This Sunday I made huevos rancheros and it was a very special treat.

We generally end the weekend the way we begin it, sitting together on Sunday evening, discussing the upcoming week and easing into the idea of Monday morning.

In between all the cocktails and snacks there was lots of music, some late night dancing in the kitchen, a work thing for me, yard work and lots of weed pulling, and a long Sunday afternoon drive.

It was a classic Dale and Carole weekend, nothing made it particularly unique or memorable and yet all those little moments made it quite special.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was a very quiet weekend for me with Ken in NYC visiting family and me waiting on a little Mister to make his appearance, but it was a beautiful weekend all the same. Your breakfast looks amazing!

  2. My weekend involved a bit of sloth as I recovered from a physically demanding work week. There was also a trip to a favorite quilt shop to explore summer classes and sign up for my personal ‘summer camp’ of quilting projects. Back at it today.

  3. Your weekend looks wonderful, and making the most of small moments is just what weekends are for (along with yard work)!

  4. We also had a similar weekend (but we’re not snacking so much right now…) and were very productive on Saturday. The all day rain yesterday was the perfect setting for a delicious Manhattan! Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. I know you treasure your weekend rituals, and you should! Your weekends always look like a perfect mix of ritual and impromptu fun. Have a great week, Carole.

  6. Your weekend rituals sound lovely. It is so easy to lose track of spouses after so many years of marriage. Besides I love cheese and crackers for dinner.

  7. Oh geez, I see you’ve trademarked Friday Night Snacks. I hope you don’t have a good lawyer 😉

    Marc balked a little about adopting it, but now that I’ve perfected roasted shrimp (thank you Ina) and chicken strips and gotten a little more adventurous with the cheeses and the dips, he’s all in. We thank you!

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