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Well, that was a super fast weekend! I managed to capture the highlights in photos, though.

Doreen came up on Thursday night for Hannah’s graduation and she spent the day with me on Friday, too. We went plant shopping and it was so fun! I managed to find a few of the things I was looking for that will be going in the new garden out front – and several that I wasn’t – that have been added to the existing perennial bad in the backyard. I also plant about a dozen or so container gardens and Doreen does triple that number! We talked about plant combos and ideas and I felt very inspired by the advice and help we got from folks at the garden centers. I haven’t bought much for those containers yet but I’ll be doing that in the next week or so.

On Friday night Dale and I went to a retirement party for my cousin Len. He actually retired back in January so this was a slightly delayed celebration but still just as special and joyful. We enjoyed the great company of family and made some new friends. The food was terrific and the speeches were thoughtful and I’m just so glad for Len and Peg and hope he has a super long and healthy retirement.

On Saturday Dale was up and out early to do a Civil War reenactment thing. I headed to the hardware store to get a new washer for our garden hose (because I was getting soaked every time I turned the thing on due to the leaking) and I was also in search of some new containers for the deck so I went to Ocean State Job Lot. While I was there I was also texting with Jo-Ann and she happened to mention the beer list for Black Hat Brew Works and the next thing I knew I was picking her up and heading for Home Depot and then the brewery. It was a completely unexpected and fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Dale joined us when his event was over and, even though there was no food truck at the brewery that day, we had some pizza delivered to go with our beer and it was great.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we had no specific plans other than hoping to hear from the kids. (3 out of 4 ain’t bad, hahahaha). Dale and I spent the afternoon working on our fire pit. We had purchased some new chairs a few weeks back and had a truck load of rocks delivered last Thursday to spread around the area. It needed weeding and edging first but by late afternoon we had that all down and the rocks spread around. It looks so much nicer and I predict we will use and enjoy it much more this season since it’s looking so good.

Hannah came over and we cobbled together some snacks to go with cocktails and we had a great time chatting by the fire, discussing all sorts of woo-woo things like meditation and reiki and chakras. I’m so thankful and happy to have a daughter who is also a friend. It’s what I always hoped would happen and it brings me a lot of joy to spend time with her and talk about our mutual interests.

And that’s a wrap on the weekend!


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  1. Wow! That was a whirlwind weekend that pretty much covers all the bases: family, friends, and fun! XO

  2. Love the new fire pit and predict you’ll enjoy many evenings of conversation there! Love the poppies! Being in a good nursery this time of year is the best! SO many possibilities show themselves and getting help to put your choices into beautiful arrangements is fantastic! Time with your daughter sounds delightful and positive! Here’s to a lovely week to follow your lovely weekend.

  3. Those poppies are amazing! Glad that you had a wonderful weekend Carole! Sometimes the unplanned time is the best!

  4. What a terrific weekend! Great that Hannah has become a friend in addition to a beautiful daughter.

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend. I remember when I became friends with my mother after I was out of school. It was such a lovely thing, so much history, so much love. I love you and Hannah have a super long friendship to parallel your mother/daughter one!

  6. What a wonderful weekend! I had a woo conversation, too, about reiki and tarot–I scheduled another reiki session for next weekend.

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