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She’s A Master!

Hannah’s commencement ceremony last Thursday night was very special. Held under the same massive tent as when she received her BA three year’s ago, the university does a great job of making things go smoothly and complements it all with great speakers, heartfelt congratulations from the university faculty and staff, and plenty of pomp and circumstance. Heaters would have been truly appreciated against the chilly wind blowing through the tent but we managed!

Doreen and I went early and secured seats for Dale, who came as soon as he got out of work, and for Hannah’s dad Rick and his girlfriend Stacie. Hannah’s boyfriend Mikey was also there, of course, and we cheered as loud as we could when she crossed the stage and got her Master’s hood.

There was a reception after the ceremony, complete with food and drink, but we did not partake of that since dear Sean offered to host a little cocktail party at his house for us. I have no pictures of that part of the evening but trust me when I say that Sean outdid himself with incredibly delicious and fabulous snacks and drinks! Jo-Ann was there, too, and we had a wonderful time reminiscing about the ceremony and relaxing together.

Want to see some photos?

Hannah and her boyfriend, Mikey.

Hannah and Dale.

They say it takes a village and this is most (not all, but most) of Hannah’s village. Dale and I, Rick and Stacie, and Doreen, who has been an incredibly supportive and loving godmother to my daughter for almost 26 years now.

And so, my girlie now has her Master’s in Special Education (summa cum laude, I might add) and this mama couldn’t be more proud.

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  1. Congrats to all, especially Hannah, of course. (Speaking as one who followed the same course in life.) I’m thinking back now to what seems like just yesterday, when Hannah went off to freshman year and had the troublesome roommate!

  2. Big, big congratulations to Hannah, and to all the members of her village! We’re always proud of our kids, but parental pride knows no bounds during these special, burst-your-buttons accomplishments!

  3. Congratulations to Hannah and bravo to the village that supports her! This truly is a very good thing!

  4. Congratulations to Hannah — and to you and your village! XO
    (And that is a GREAT dress you’ve got on there!!!)

  5. Hearty congratulations to Hannah! And the parents and friends are beaming—so nice to see.

  6. verklepmt. Hannah looks so happy. and so do you (btw – awesome dress!) … well-deserved smiles ALL around!

  7. Congratulations Hannah! How wonderful to have so many people there to support and cheer for her! It’s easy to see how happy and proud you are of your grrl! xo

  8. Congratulations to Hannah and to her village, especially YOU. You should be proud. I just can’t imagine how proud you must be. A successful parenting journey, no easy task!

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