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Happy Monday, friends! And can I just say, right now, how glad I am that next Monday is a holiday? Because this Monday work thing seems to come around much too quickly. I imagine that’s partly because we manage to cram so much into the weekend. Here. I’ll show you . . .


A walk with Jack in the afternoon. He was tired and refused to sleep so we went for a walk since I thought the stroller would lull him to sleep. It didn’t but when we came back he fell asleep immediately and was out for about 90 minutes.

Friday Night Snacks. You know the drill. We caught up on some TV and watched the first episode of Little Women on Masterpiece Theater. It’s good but feels a bit rushed to me, I think it would be hard to follow if you didn’t know the story.



Up early (very early) for the royal wedding and some knitting. I thought the wedding was spectacular, loved the wedding gown, was utterly impressed with the ceremony itself (the gospel choir! the exuberant pastor! the flowers!), and it was all worth getting up for. Plus, it gave me a great excuse to take a late morning nap.

It was a raw and rainy day so there wasn’t much opportunity for yard work but we still got some stuff done around the house and then headed out in search of food. We had a wonderful time at The Olde Hitching Post, the restaurant where we had our wedding reception almost 21 years ago.

The music in the lounge was great and we had a really lovely evening. We even sneaked into the room where we had our reception on our way out and danced in the dark to Moon River (our wedding song) as it played on my iPhone in my pocket book. Tots romantic.


The weather finally cooperated for outside work and the first order of the day was getting our new window boxes hung. Dale did a great job getting them done and it really didn’t take much time at all, which makes me wonder why we didn’t do this 3 years ago when we first did the new siding on the house. This is step one of our new-front-yard-curb-appeal plan, all those plants you currently see in those beds are either being relocated or ditched, more on that as we make progress.

I went to a local nursery to get annuals for the window boxes and container gardens. I also picked up some lettuce but we’ll hold off on the rest of the vegetables until next weekend. It was awesome to enjoy the warmth of the day and wander through all the greenhouses making my selections.

And then I planted containers. I went with more foliage and less flowers this year although I’m sure I’ll get zinnias and some other things going, too. It started to rain just as I was finishing up – I actually planted the lettuce in a pretty steady downpour – but I got it done and the rain was a welcome way to get everything watered.

It cleared up enough for a cocktail on the deck but a passing shower drove us back inside where we hung out on the couch and caught up on more tv.

It was a busy, productive, fun weekend!


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  1. Full weekends FTW! And, that wedding! Texts from a blogging friend sharing the experience made the morning even more fun! Kind of like a long distance knitting group! XOXO

  2. I also enjoyed the wedding. It was so nice to see a couple almost giddy with love and excitement. Otherwise, we were chilly and raining most of the weekend. We are so ready for a sunny weekend. Eventually, summer has to show up.

  3. I love your window boxes and containers; all you need now is some sun and warm weather to enjoy your plantings!

  4. Window boxes just scream New England to me and I love how they look on your house! Do you bring in your cushions from the deck each time it rains? I have been hauling mine back and forth for a week now every time rain is threatened (which has been often). I’m ready for some steady sun. Your weekends are always full! Mine was fab, btw!

  5. Oh, those window boxes are going to be gorgeous, Carole. I have been thinking about doing some container lettuce planting this year as well. Any wisdom? As usual, you had a full and absolutely lovely weekend with a bit of everything.

  6. A cold and rainy weekend here quashed my outdoor plans. Your beautiful boxes and deck is definitely an inspiration!

  7. I missed the royal wedding because my power went out – from 2:50 A.M. until 9:50 A.M. – arghhh! I did get to see a special that night tho – that gave me the highlights!
    What is the pattern of your knitting in the photo?

    Linda in VA

  8. I love your window boxes!!! They look amazing, and that’s a great start to the Curb Appeal Plan… can’t wait to see what else you do.

  9. Tots romantic indeed to celebrate your wedding after watching the beautiful one on TV (I agree wholeheartedly and would add “those socks on the 19 year old cellist!”) … and your outdoor living room looks wonderful. I look forward to see a lot more of it over the coming months!

  10. Your outdoor space looks so inviting! I know you are going to get a lot of use out of it.

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