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Nashville Wrap Up

Remember that trip to Nashville we took last month? I have more photos to share with you, to round out our experience because, believe it or not, it was about more than music and food.

It was also about boots. Lots and lots of boots.

We each bought two pair. I love Dale’s new brown ones because they aren’t as pointy and in-your-face-I’m-wearing-cowboy-boots as some that he has. Mine, on the other hard, are very pointy and very I’m-wearing-cowboy-boots. Not just these brown ones . . .

But these black ones, too. Both pairs are super comfortable and I wore them all week. I’ve even worn them since we’ve been home but . . . since I’m in Massachusetts . . . I have not worn them with skinny jeans tucked in . . . it’s just not a thing here.

Nashville has some great places to hang out like Pinewood Social, which is complete with a coffee bar, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, and really fabulous food. We went there twice, once for late night drinks and once for lunch but we never did do any bowling.

This here is the pedestrian bridge as seen from the roof top bar of Acme Feed & Seed. We never did get to walk over it . . . you may recall it was rather cold for most of the week . . . but that just means we’ll have to go back.

Nashville also has great murals although technically this one is in Franklin.

And this one isn’t really a mural, just a cool (and rather appropriate) sign in a restaurant.

We made a special point of visiting the angel wings mural. I just love this one and I’m glad Dale was able to get a picture of me in front of them . . . it’s hard for this photographer to hand over the camera, you know.

And that’s a wrap on Nashville. At least for this time because I can promise you, we’ll be going back!

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  1. Love the wings and your boots!! Just saw the “Hippies Use Side Entrance” in a small town in West Virginia!

  2. I’d love to go some place with that many boots so I could try them on in person and find a comfortable pair. After working in TX, Justin maintains that cowboy boots are a thing everywhere. He wears his in NY and even NJ.

  3. I’m green, green, green. My husband wears boots most of the time. Love those boots. However, my high foot arches make it impossible for me to join him, and now you and Dale. Your black boots are the bomb!

  4. We’re going to Nashville next May for my niece’s college graduation. I cannot wait!We’d be going to her graduation no matter where it was, but how great is it that it’s in Nashville!!

  5. I think cowboy boots are in style everywhere. I can’t wear them, but I love the look. I’m so glad you had a good time in Nashville! I love the photo with the wings, I didn’t know about that mural.

  6. Awesome boots! is it a thing where you live to wear them with dresses? yep, sundresses + cowboy boots is a perfectly fine look around here!

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