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Three On Thursday

Remember the other day when I posted the remaining photos of our Nashville trip and called it a wrap? Welp, yesterday when I took photos of the Islington Shawl and uploaded them to the computer, guess what I found on that memory card? Yep! More photos from Nashville. Specifically, more photos of murals in Nashville. I decided to share 3 that feature Dale today, hope they make you smile!


First up, Angel Wings.

Next, the Draper James wall which just so happens to be right across the street from . . .

The I believe in Nashville mural. Definitely one of our favorites!

Murals are a very big thing in Nashville and it was really fun to seek them out and take photos.

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  1. All three are very cool! I especially like the wings and if I could paint at all, I would be very tempted to paint something very similar on our barn wall.

  2. It’s so cool how much fun you BOTH have getting into the photos! … great backdrops and props, too!

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