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Three On Thursday

I saw this picture on social media the other day and thought . . . hmmmm . . . 3 questions! Perfect for Thursday!

And then I realized, if I’m being truthful, that my answer for all 3 would be the same and that answer would be Dale’s band, Dale and the Duds. Yep. I saw them first when I was about 10, I think. I realize that might sound a little creepy but I can assure you it was not, they were just hitting their stride and getting pretty popular at that time and played a lot of outdoor venues. Oh, and my mom loved them. That might actually be a little creepy. My last concert was last night when Jess and Jack and I went to see them in a neighboring town. And my next concert will be them on the 4th of July. So, yeah . . . kinda boring answers.

For the sake of interest I’m just going to eliminate them from the equation and I’ll go with . . . band I don’t know personally.

  1. My first concert was Rush. I was 15 and went with my high school boyfriend, who (incidentally) wound up being my first husband and was hugely into this Canadian trio and we saw them together in 1980. It was super loud and pretty fun and also a little overwhelming. I distinctly remember a kid a few rows over barfing his brains out all over himself and then passing out. I spent most of the concert worrying that he was dead. I was decidedly not a party-er in those days.
  2. My last concert was Jimmy Buffett although that was a couple of summers ago. We went faithfully every year and then for the last two years we’ve had weddings on the same day as the concert. And this year Jimmy is playing Fenway Park instead of our local venue and we decided to skip the show. I’m sure it would be pretty cool to see him at Fenway and the tickets were actually cheaper than we usually pay but there’s no tailgating and Jimmy Buffett without tailgating is like a burger without cheese. It’s simply not done.
  3. My next concert will be the Avett Brothers. Hannah and I are going (unbelievably, we’ve never been to a concert together!) on July 14th. They are playing with Gov’t Mule, who I’m pretty unfamiliar with, but I’m super excited to see the Avett Brothers as I really love their music.

And there you have it. My concert history in a nutshell! I’d love to have you answer these 3 questions in the comments if you’re so inclined.

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  1. Tom Rush (I’m a child of the 60’s after all), something chamber at the Shalin Liu, and Tom Rush at the Shalin Liu in Rockport. Perfect circle!

  2. First concert, Dan Fogelberg when he was just getting famous. Last concert, Jimmy Buffett, who has been famous forever. Next concert is far more likely to be jazz in a concert hall. Over the years, I’ve become more sensitive to loud sounds and crowd induced claustrophobia.

  3. My first concert (without adults. . . ) was Fleetwood Mac in spring of 1977. My last concert was Red Hot Chili Peppers last summer. And I don’t have a next concert at this point, so it’s a mystery. (Unless you count Hamilton. Because Tom and I just bought tickets to see it again for our anniversary. . . ) 🙂

    1. Great post Carole and my second concert w Dan was The Avett Brothers in CO. (First was Dixie Chicks when he was 6!) for me…first was Kiss at the CC Coliseum say 1975 or so. Last Roger Waters and next Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town at your local venue!

  4. My answers are fairly boring. First: Fleetwood Mac, Last: Decemberists, Next: Zoe Keating. I think it’s pretty cool that Dale and the Duds is your first answer to all three questions!

  5. Excellent post! And, I love your concerts!!

    My first concert was REO Speedwagon in college, my last concert was Rod Stewart and it was fantastic! My next concert? I have no idea at all and no plans to see anyone.

  6. My first concert was Steve Miller (1968) before he started making “real” hits.
    My last was John Clayton and his band of Young Lions (truly magnificent jazz).
    And my next concert will be Jason Isbell (September).
    Although, throughout the summer we see local bands in the parks playing really good jazz (big band sounds).

  7. Oh, a great prompt for sure – other than realizing it has been way too long since I’ve been to a concert, ha.

    First “real” concert was Amy Grant/Michael W. Smith tour (’88)
    Last concert was NKOTB/Boyz II Men (’13)
    Next concert – unknown, but I just saw that my favorite Pink Martini will be here in January so I’ll definitely have to get tickets for that.

  8. My first was Joan Baez. It was an outdoor, night time concert in a not so great part of Boston. I was in high school. My mom let me go. Alone. What was she thinking?? I don’t know, but I am so glad she did, as Baez helped shape me into who I am today.

    Last concert – Streetlight Cadence. A local street band that moved to LA. I try to see them whenever they come home.

    Next concert – in August I am going to an outdoor concert featuring a whole bunch of Hawaiian musicians. It’s a great line up and I cannot wait.

    Addendum- I am so sad that I am unable to see Joan Baez in her final tour. I was hoping to fly to Seattle to see her, but the venue sold out. My daughter tried to talk me into going further afield (like Rome!). I love Rome, but my retiree budget isn’t going to support that. But wow, that would have really been something!

  9. Great post idea, Carole – and I really love that Dale’s band is your “real” answer. I don’t remember which concert was my first – but it was in college (Billy Joel, Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead are all possibilities). Lady Antebellum was the last concert I saw (unless we’re counting symphony – I saw Christmas Pops last year) and unless we’re counting symphony, I have no future concert plans. sounds pretty lame compared to your other commenters!

  10. Love this! I think my first concert was The Doobie Brothers in ’77 or ’78; my last concert was Rosanne Cash in May last year; my next concert is The National next month in Madison with my daughter Kate and a friend of my sister Sharon’s.

  11. My first concert was a huge 3 day outdoor event in a huge field on the Green River in Washington. We were 18 and my best friend was 3 months pregnant. It was hot, dusty, and we had to park a long way away. We finally got in and saw Bo Diddley. Then my friend ended up in the medical tent because of the heat. We left soon after she felt better. Our 3 day concert lasted about 45 minutes! Last concert was Jesse Collin Young. It was just a couple months ago and was a blast. Next concert is in September and we are looking forward to seeing John Prine and Todd Snider. We’ve gotten better at this concert thing the older we get!

  12. My first concert was the Doobie Brothers in 78 or 79. Last concert in a concert venue would be 38 Special and Foreigner in maybe the early 90’s. There may have a been a free concert at a nearby fair but I don’t remember who it was. No concerts in the future. Years since then have been mostly Musicals.

  13. My first concert was Jerry Jeff Walker with my first husband. Last concert was either James Taylor or Eric Clapton, both of whom are fabulous in person and sound just like their records. That doesn’t happen very often! Next concert, who knows? No plans.

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