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A Month of Photos: June 2018

I’m back and want you to know that we had an absolutely wonderful week in Maine! We had grand adventures, we ate lobster, we read and drank wine and gazed at the ocean. It was perfection! Before I talk any more about it, though, how about if I take the easy way out with blog re-entry and just share with you the photos I took in June? You cool with that? Good.

A few selfies, lots of Jack, lots of garden photos, and fabulous food and drinks.

No wonder June is my favorite month of the year!

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  1. Love it, Carole! a month with two lobster photos, plus Jack, Dale and YOU is a good one indeed! (welcome back!!)

  2. Okay—You have convinced me—there has to be a lobster in my life—soon! Your month looked glorious.—Jackie, travel, good food and new challenges. How could you go,wrong?

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