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Three On Thursday

What a week this has been, huh? I mean, there have been lots of weeks like this for the past, ohhhhhh, 18 months, but this week in particular has made me mad/sad/crazy. In other words, I could use a laugh. Would you like a laugh, too? Or wouldn’t you? I’m not sure which I mean to say but I’m just going to assume a laugh would be welcome. And, luckily for you, I have this friend Brenda who always posts really funny things on Facebook and she makes me laugh. Today I’m sharing 3 memes from her timeline that have made me chuckle and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

There. I feel better and I hope you do, too!

Share a link to your post if you wrote one for today, won’t you?

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  1. Dan Rather posted a wonderful piece on FB yesterday. Find it if you can.

  2. Sherman is now asking for a deck for his pool! lol

    Thanks for the laughs… we certainly do need them these days!

  3. the memes were good, but OMG your intro was the best! I was already laughing out loud when I got to the punch line. xoxo.

  4. Yes, this week I need several laughs. I alternate between thinking it’s great to stay informed and thinking that I may lose my mind if I don’t stop paying attention. This was great, and a very thoughtful post based on recent news. Thanks, Carole! I hope you are feeling better physically as well. It’s almost the weekend, hang in there.

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