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Wednesdays Are For Knitting (sometimes): Hannah’s Birthday Socks

I made my kid some socks for her birthday. And then I gave them to her without taking photos first. #badblogger

Eventually, I got them back from her (I had to threaten her with never knitting her another pair of socks if she didn’t bring them back) and now I’m sharing them with you. #thankgoodnessforblogfodder

Perfect stripes in perfect fall colors. My friend Julia over there at Knitterly Things dyes some amazing sock yarn. #youshouldgetsome

The pattern is my plain old sock with a picot edge. It works and it’s pretty and I honestly never get tired of it.

I always say that hand knit socks are like a hug for your feet and I’m glad Hannah will have a little hug from her mama whenever she wears these.

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  1. Love that color combo. I have been addicted to self-stripping sock yarn for a couple of years now (or longer) and I love the ease of your pattern and the fun of watching the stripes come round.

  2. Seems that all is of us love the colors in that yarn! The symmetry of the stripes is amazing! Hannah is a lucky daughter.

  3. Those stripes are perfect! My stripes never come out that perfect, there is always a jog in there at the end or the beginning, however you look at it. What is your sock pattern, Carole? Toe up? And what kind of heel do you do? I’m sure you have discussed this over the years here, but I must have missed it. I do think that socks seem more personal than a lot of knitted items, so the hug from her mama is a wonderful description.

  4. Those are great socks! I just admired some other Knitterly Things yarn and want to thank you for the link so I can get some of my own!

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