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Jackie’s One Year Photo Shoot

I don’t want to turn this into a blog about my cat dying but I do want to just take a moment and thank you all so very much for your kind words, heartfelt sympathy, and honest compassion. It means so much to Dale and I that you all care enough about us to grieve with us and share your own stories of loving and losing a pet. We’re coping as you’d expect, feeling fragile and tearing up quite frequently, trying to adjust to this new normal after 17 years of always knowing just where Mason was. It’s going to take time, that’s for sure.

Okay. Moving on to something that I think will make all of us smile, let’s look at the photos I took of Jackie to celebrate his first birthday.

Jessica brought him over on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. As a photographer I have to say that cloudy is my preference for shooting outside photos. No sun in the subject’s eyes and the colors can really pop, too.

The sweater he’s wearing was knit for him by Sean. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s soft and the fit is perfect. It’s just right for a cool fall day and I was thrilled when Jess chose it for this photo shoot.

We brought out a cranberry crate and some pumpkins, a few mums and other props to make it special. Jack’s favorite thing to do was to drop the pumpkins straight into the poor mum plants. Cute. But destructive. That’s our boy!

And happy! He is generally in a good mood but on this particular afternoon he was in a great mood. Smiling and showing off, laughing and chortling, he was the perfect subject.

This photo especially tugs at my heart strings. Those full cheeks, reminiscent of his baby days, won’t be around forever and I love the way the curve of his cheek looks in this photo. That J in the background hangs in our den but it was perfect to bring out as a prop.

And that little soft smile. What a sweetheart he is.

Again with the cheeks. Sigh.

And finally, a big ole grin with his tongue sticking out. This one really shows his personality and good nature!

I know looking at these photos did me a world of good and cheered me right up. Hope you all enjoyed them, too.

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  1. Aww, so sweet! I wish I could have saved every single moment of my sons’ childhoods, and this is about as close as you can come!

  2. Aw, what a sweetheart and most definitely the most smiles I’ve had in my feedly this morning (although Vicki’s 60th was a very close runner-up!) I love all his expressions and that gorgeous sweater!

  3. Wonderful photos! Great job.

    I also want to extend my sympathies over the loss of your Mason. It is so hard to lose a member of the family.

  4. All of my childhood milestone photos were in my grandmother’s garden, in front of the white picket fence with archway gate. (They were taken outside in the days when flash pictures were harsh.) It came to be covered in Chrysler Imperial red roses (I just found some old pictures where the roses weren’t planted yet). Those photos became so integrated into my memories that when I recently found a tea time cross stitch chart whose scene included that garden fence I had to have it!

    May Jackie’s photo collection become that kind of treasure for him!

  5. He is so cute! I love how he sits for pictures. My great niece is about 7 months old pictures of her come as a big old blur.

  6. Fabulous photos, Carole! Of course, you have the cutest subject I have seen in a long time, and it is apparent that he was having fun. That little sweater is precious. Little boys are destructive machines when given free rein, but that is their nature. This was a very successful day!

  7. So very grown-up all of a sudden . . . but still with the cheeks!!! XO I love these photos, Carole. They capture him – and a beautiful fall afternoon – just perfectly. (And those cheeks.)

  8. Oh, he is JUST SO ADORABLE!!! Great job with the photos, Carole! I recently took some of Malina (6-month photos, though she was more like 7 months old) and the kids. I know what you mean about reminiscing about baby days! Now that Malina is sitting up, she’s starting to get a neck — like a KID, not a baby! 🙂

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